April 17, 2022

It’s 2022 and I’m amazed these 22 Things still Exist.

In no particular order of importance, mixing good and bad, with thanks to this thread, here we go:

  1. Ticketmaster. How in the living hell have they not had a decent competitor that charges lower rates yet?
  2. Scam calls, texts, ads, and emails. Please make them stop.
  3. MLMs. Are you looking to make extra money in your spare time?
  4. Flat Earthers.
  5. Queen Elizabeth II, Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Richards. Let’s hear it for longevity!6-11. Child poverty: children dying because they have nothing to eat or water to drink. Slavery. Human trafficking. Child marriage. Rape as a weapon of war. All the bad stuff.

“If there is a sliver lining to this, it’s that the number of people enslaved and trafficked per million humans (to throw out a number) is waaaay down from previous centuries, and it’s illegal everywhere. It exists in the shadows and under threat of law enforcement finding them out. It’s a massive improvement for our species as a whole.

just wait till you see what they’re doing in Tennessee. Everyone should spend some time reading about John Rose of TN and Scott DesJarlais of TN.

One groomed his wife straight out of High School. The latter is an anti-abortion a-hole who has paid for quite a few abortions. Great people. TN really sends their best.”

But mention support for early sex ed in public schools, the literal most effective strategy to combat child grooming and sex abuse, and they’ll call you a “groomer”, lol.

Their projection is so beyond transparent at this point.”

12. The…Simpsons!

13. Physicians who dismiss endometriosis and say it’s in your head.

14. Single use plastics. We know better, why don’t we do better?

15. Poor disability access. If you build your ramps too steep or still have a drop on a lowered part of a sidewalk, that’s not accessible. Anyone who’s driven a wheelchair with a person in it around a city (at least in Ireland) can tell you the acess is shite. Any drops, regardless of how far, will be a big bump to the wheelchair user. Ramps should have a slow of 20m of incline to every 1m ascended. They should also meet the ground fully at the start of the ramp.

All urban planners should be taken on a ride around the existing space in a wheelchair and try to do normal shopping before constructing anything imo.

“That’s why the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was such a big piece of legislation. It’s surprising how relatively new it is. I’m not sure what the equivalent legislation would be in other countries.”

16. Pennies! We got rid of the half penny because it was useless. I figured this would happen to the penny too, because it’s more expensive to manufacture then they’re worth.

17-20. $7.25 minimum wage (US). Health insurance tied to your employment. Not taking care of our veterans. Viewing homelessness as a problem you can move away.

21-22: Book burning and book banning.

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