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April 6, 2022

Stay the distance or not?

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.

Don’t gamble what you cannot afford to lose

That’s what they say when it comes to matters of the heart

Can we afford to lose each other?

With time isn’t everyone replaceable?



Each connection with another soul is its own special magic

Opening up to explore

Exposing our essence



Casual or committed

Connections are not replaceable


Feel gratitude

For lessons learned will most certainly be taught

Was it the Universe who brought us together?

Or did we choose one another?

Was it more than to break a dry spell?

Regain masculine sexuality?

Introduce a happy place?

I cannot predict the future

But it’s more than we are now

Trusting my intuition

The gut never lies

When you know you’ve met an extraordinary guy

Gamble if you must

Avoiding the inevitable to soulfully give trust

Take the time you need

To spread your virile seed

With me you’ll only feel the deepest of intimacy

Passion. Lust. Desire

Friendship and laughter

And maybe even love

Unconditional love

For now, I will romanticize

Warming cold hands

Tasting smoochy kisses

Male anatomy to my femininity

A goddess thrives with her king

Carving. Walking. Riding

Hitting. Sautéing. Sipping

Dancing. Dreaming. Desiring

Most of all inspiring

Whatever comes your way

Embrace the dawn of day

Frisian friends are we

Mindful that the Universe is the rule of three

Be the Porn

Together and apart

‘Cause what other AARP’s

Can rock an SUV

Like CDP and Monsieur GG Chamonix!

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