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April 25, 2022

Thank you, December!

What if we were curious about all the different beliefs in the world instead of hating all these individuals for their outlooks?

Here’s a poem that I hope makes a difference. I wrote “Thank you” phonetically in different languages– Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Gujarati (from India),Hebrew, Persian, Celtic, German, Xhosa, Swahili, and Lenape (Native Americans from the Bronx).

Under the poem is a song, “Happy December” from my friend Jaclyn Bradley,a great singer that Americans know from “Breaking Bonaduce.” I love her song, which is about inclusion of major Holy Days (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) of the last month of the year.

Thank you, December

Thank you, December

and anthropologists that love cultures.

I’m grateful to the complainer

that didn’t want the crèche in Town Square.

“Gracias” to this last month.

That exclusion gave me realization

all holy days are for all from now on.

Holy days holidays for anyone.

“Shehr-scher,” holydays, for epiphanies!

Bodhi, Kwanzaa are journeys

Yalda and Christmas help families.

Hanukkah, Winter Solstice love peace

“Ahhh Bahd,” December 8

Bodhi Day is what Buddhists celebrate

and their own enlightenment

and that Buddha awakened!

“To-dah Rah-bah,” Hanukkah,

8 days lighting the menorah

500 BC a temple restored

in Jerusalem where many found their Lord.

“Moo-shoo-sha-kuh-rahm,” first day of winter

The solstice and Yalda December 21rst

Yalda is Zoroastrian from Persia

Pssst! Freddie Mercury’s their most famous worshipper!

“Goh ruh MAH Hahhguct,” gods and goddesses

The Pagans’ fires and earth’s excesses

are the sun’s life-giving manifestations

and Winter Solstice’s celebrations!

“Danke Schoen,” Christmas day,

created for baby Jesus in the Middle Ages,

doesn’t have to be about money.

It’s really a day that you create

“Engosee,” South Africa, giving us all

the Day of Good Will as its own reward.

For Christians that aren’t commercial

the day after is quite thoughtful!

“Ah-sahn-te” for the first of January is holy.

Kwanzaa’s seventh day of GROWING

harvesting Faith, Unity, and beauty

and living responsibly and creatively!

“Wanìshi,” Powerful Creations:

the air, water, earth inspiration

plants, animals, humans living

night and day thanking all imaginations.

Thank you for reading,

and being understanding

‘cause I believe in love, peace

and every spirituality!

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