April 4, 2022

These two photos were taken 41 days apart. This 2nd image of Zelenskyy’s face while visiting Bucha today says it all.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Bucha today. His face says it all.

“These photos were taken 41 days apart by the president’s photographer. The first one on the 23rd of February, the last day of peaceful Ukraine. The second one in Bucha today.”

What happened there? “War crimes, is the short answer.

The Russian invaders were driven out by a Ukrainian counteroffensive, and on their way out of the city they slaughtered every man of fighting age [and many civilians, even elderly) and committed mass rape against the women.”

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson on Fox News “was on last night “asking” if Ukraine was doing this to its own people and blaming Russia for it. Like as a political stunt. I just can’t even fathom that kind of mindset.”

For those who would accuse Elephant of stoking division by noting such, I would remind all of us that it is not divisive to call out divisiveness. Healing can not begin without honesty and truth.⁠


“There was a documentary where they tracked the appearance of people before war and after war. Zelenksy looks exactly like those that had been through combat. [It’s] extremely stressful.”


For more: Abraham Lincoln before and after the Civil War.



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The pain in his face is heart breaking

A leader that actually cares about his people.

It’s incredibly admirable that he was willing to go see it for himself when he could have easily sent someone else so he didn’t have to see the horrors. He is shouldering the burdens of war as well as the greatest leaders of in the human race’s history.

Zelensky has been about as “hands on” as his position will allow throughout the entire conflict. Instead of leaving? or hiding in a bunker?? he’s grabbing the situation head on.

Meanwhile Putin won’t leave his hole or go within a mile of window.

You know… like a *&%#@.

And his country isn’t even being invaded.

How embarrassing.

Wish he had shame so he could feel it.

Shit, or within 30’ of anyone he’s “meeting” lol. Idk where he even gets tables that big, dude is a fucking freak. Sits at the end of a table so long it needs a fucking PA System ?

He and his family could have bounced, hopped on a plane loaded with cash, and made concerned noises from a podium in America or France while wearing designer dress uniforms loaded with crackerjack medals. He could have signed Ukraine over to Putin and stayed on in a (short) cushy life as a puppet governor somewhere, or in a gilded cage in Moscow.

Instead, he stayed with his people, who are fighting tooth and nail, and is going out to visit them and mourn with them in their darkest hour while the enemy quite literally wants his head on a platter.

And to think that a few short months ago he was just another “lol Eastern European political dumpsterfire amirite” rando, maybe destined to be a footnote to Trump’s impeachment and a silly pub trivia question about playing the piano with his balls. Everyone had been so busy goggling at Trump’s brazenness that we had forgotten that this random Eastern European politician he’d tried to bully pretty much told him to go to hell about the random Eastern European politician he’d tried to bully into giving up “dirt” on his opponent. And now he’s out here holding back tears for his people, again, while Putin threatens to annihilate humanity and “destroy Ukraine” from his lair in the Urals like a third rate Bond villain.

“The power of the night, the press of the storm,
The post of the foe;
Where he stands, the Arch Fear in a visible form,
Yet the strong man must go” – R. Browning

I like Volodomyr as well as the next guy, but he didn’t tell Trump off, he had the press conference scheduled to announce the investigation when the whistle-blower told everyone about the phone call.

I don’t judge him for it, though

He thought he NEEDED those damn weapons Trump was holding up.

He was right.

Ah, I was mistaken, thank you. (Stupid 2020s please fuck off thanks). And, having read the transcript of That Phonecall again https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/25/politics/donald-trump-ukraine-transcript-call/index.html , he has changed a lot since then – he was trying so hard to play nice with The Leader Of The Free World™ to get the aid Ukraine desperately needed, make a deal with the devil for the sake of his people against a bigger devil, and it all blew up in his face horrifically. I’ll amend my post.

Just go watch that video of the woman who buried her own 27 year old son if you really want heart breaking.

Or this story

There’s thousands of stories we’re not even hearing.

Pure evil behavior. They poisoned cookies and mined dead bodies.

This video was particularly heartbreaking.

This is the face of an empath who truly cares for others. F*ck Putin.

The fate of a nation, the future of Europe, and the weight of the world sits on those shoulders.

That’s the look of a steel will, bent but not broken by utter heartbreak. You will drive the invaders from your home, you will conquer this evil. Slava Ukraine

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