April 28, 2022

How to Overcome Trauma, Move Forward & Build a New Life.

What happened to you is not you.

Please read that again.

What happened to you is not you.

It was an event—a time stamp in your past.

You are a sovereign being. That is your true identity. You can’t change a past event, but you can change the meaning it has instilled inside your heart and body. It’s time to take your power back.

Before that event or events happened to you, who you were then is still in you now. You have not been lost—only hidden. The authentic you was shrouded in the meaning of the event and its effects on your heart.

Traumatic events challenge our identity—the very existence of who we are.

Trauma stops you from hearing your soul, from feeling your soul; it breaks communication between your soul and your heart. And your heart becomes hard and deaf because of sorrow and grief. You are left with a mind filled with the memory of that event. When triggered, the mind repeatedly plays a tape of those events. Then instantly, you are traveling back in time to the point of that event or those events, and you are again under the influence of someone else’s power, trying to change who you are.

Our body doesn’t understand we are experiencing the past. It believes we are there once again. That memory of the traumatic event affects our body, health, and mind, driving down into our brain’s neural pathways and sending the memory deeper. It suppresses our dreams and desires, distorting the path we came here to walk until the light is smothered and our steps are unsure.

What happened to you will continue to create needless suffering in your life until you choose to recognize that that event was then and you are here living today. Heart beating, lungs breathing, eyes seeing, ears hearing, and being offered another day to choose freedom.

Only you can decide to stop living in the past, preventing the effects of that event from emotionally and physically rearranging who you are, and take back your power. When that awareness comes, you recognize that you are more powerful than any event that came to try and damage your identity. You bring your conscious mind into that awareness that you are no longer there. You stop the needless suffering and choose the gift before you—abundant life.

Your soul knows precisely why you are here.

Your soul knows exactly what you agreed to when you volunteered to drop into a physical body on the earth. You are the captain, along with your soul, cocreating your life. And sometimes, that’s hard to grasp. Sometimes it’s hard to take responsibility to think about why you would have chosen the life that you’ve had so far. And only you listening to your soul can find the answer.

God can bring people into your life to help point the way, but they can’t make you ask the question. That is only something you can do.

When traumatic events come into our lives, we are so removed from our souls and hearts, so clouded from the authenticity of who we are, that we can’t find the strength or motivation to ask the question.

It seems easier to surrender to the sadness, grief, sorrow, and loss, justifying our position of where we are today by the effects of the events that happened in the past than to ask the tricky question of our soul and God: Why?

The answer is there. We often need to ask ourselves if we want to hear the answer. Because when God finally tells you, you have the responsibility of knowing.

What do you do with the things that have come to try and derail you? You have at your disposal all of heaven—all that God has for you—all the resources, all the people, all the things you need to fulfill what you came down here to live.

There is a metamorphosis that you came here to walk through. Or else why did you come? As an eternal soul, what was your reason to drop down hereunto the schoolhouse we call Earth? What did you come here to learn? To fulfill? To change or to affect?

Every soul chooses why they are here. Some people choose to be here for a long life because there’s a lot to learn and do. And some souls are here briefly to impact a family, country, or nation.

Do we believe in God and spirituality in the universe? Do we believe in the vastness and the ever-evolving existence of things far beyond us here on earth? Do we believe that we are given the talents and abilities to complete the tasks when we are born? Regardless of what we believe, we all eventually go out into the field of our hearts, dig up the dirt, and remove the rocks to find that hidden treasure deep within us.

We are responsible for the condition of our heart.

As adults, we are responsible as we look back over our lives and what happened to us. We must choose to either remain a victim and live a life of needless suffering because of traumatic events that came into our lives or realize who we are today, what is at our disposal, and then look at those events and change the meaning and the effects on us emotionally, mentally, and physically.

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This is how we overcome, this is how we move forward, this is how we build a new life, and this is how we bring peace, joy, happiness, unity, and harmony back to Earth.

We must stop blaming those around us; we must stop blaming the decisions of those whom we have no influence over and come back to the power we have over our actions—over our thinking, over whatever has happened to us and what we are doing with it.

We must be the change-makers of ourselves, and when we do that, we are now walking in the authenticity and the full power of who we came here to be.

Then that power and authenticity will open the way for the abundant life we came here live.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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