April 15, 2022

What Men Got Wrong about Attraction—& 6 Authentic Signs She is Totally into You. 


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You met a woman that you’re interested in.

Maybe she is someone you’ve always known? Or someone you just met? Regardless, you talk to her every opportunity you can. You’re trying to get a feel for whether she is into you. You decide you’re just going to take a chance and ask her out.

First off, bravo. Not everyone jumps right in, but I personally love a man brave enough to take a chance on someone he is interested in.

She says yes. Bam. She liked you enough to say yes. That is a good start.

The evening is going according to plan. The food is outstanding. You’re making her laugh. She is opening up to you with ease. She even kissed you goodnight when you brought her back home.

Now what? You know for sure that you like her. You’re dying to ask her out again but you’re still not sure if she is into you. You’re terrified to move too fast or too slow. You need to know if she is interested before you make your next move. So you decide to go online to conduct some search to see if there are any tell-tale signs.

The World Wide Web offers plenty of “how to know” information.

Stop right there. Don’t do this search. I’ve done it for you and I’m telling you none of it is true.

This is what the internet offers as signs that she is into you.

It’s all in her body language? Nope. I’ve not once changed my body language based on whether I liked someone or not. My body doesn’t speak in any language whatsoever, I promise you. If I lean my body toward you in a conversation, it’s only because I can’t hear you. I’m only getting closer in order to listen to you.

She smiles and makes eye contact? False. We should all smile and make eye contact while communicating with others. That is basic common courtesy.

She plays with her hair? A lot of women play with their hair. Most of the time that means she is thinking about how much stuff she needs to get done by the end of the week. I’m telling you it doesn’t mean she likes you.

She touches you a lot? Still no. Some people are touchy-feeling when they talk. So if she playfully slaps your arm, it doesn’t mean she likes you.

She laughs at your jokes? Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? You’re probably really funny. It doesn’t mean she likes you.

She gives you undivided attention? No. Everyone you spend your time with should always give you their undivided attention.

Oh, wait, there are a ton more.

She asks you a lot of questions? She remembers your interests and follows up on them? She teases you? She draws attention to her neck and shoulders? Her feet point toward you? No, no, no.

Women are not too hard to figure out. Really, we’re not. When it comes to liking someone, we typically don’t feel like playing games. If we like you, we will give you clear signs.

Here are six authentic ways to know for sure that she is totally into you.

1. She Gives You Her Time

You ask her out on a date and she accepts. She meets you for coffee in the middle of the workday. She spends an afternoon hiking with you. She makes time for you.

If she is giving you her time, she is totally into you.

2. She Doesn’t Make Excuses Why She Can’t Spend Time With You

You continuously ask to see her but she has a ton of excuses why she can’t. She has too much work to catch up on. She has errands to run. She is exhausted from her busy week. If she continuously says she is just too busy to hang out with you, most likely, she is not interested as much as you are.

Yes, I understand we live in a world where there is too much to do and not enough time. But if a woman likes you, she will find the time to see you. Period.

A woman without excuses is totally into you.

3. She Provides an Alternative Date for the Date She Can’t Make

You ask to see her but she already has plans. You wish her a good evening and tell her you’re bummed she was unavailable. She thanks you and offers other dates when she is available to see you. She is totally into you.

4. She Doesn’t Send Mixed Signals

She doesn’t say one thing and does another.

She doesn’t express interest then keeps her distance. She doesn’t talk about introducing you to her friends then never makes it happen. She doesn’t call you every day then disappears for weeks.

If she does what she says without any mixed signals, she is totally into you.

5. She Doesn’t Leave You Wondering or Confused

When you text her, she responds. When you call her, she answers. When she is interested, you won’t spend hours in front of the phone waiting for her to respond.

She also calls and texts on her own without any prompts. If she doesn’t cause you to overthink your situation, she is totally into you.

6. You Just Know It

You won’t feel the need to do online searches to try to figure out if she is into you. You won’t call friends and try to figure out what her actions mean or don’t mean.

You can look out for all the signs in the world, but when someone truly likes you, you’ll feel it. You’ll sense it. You’ll just know it.

She will show you through her actions that she is totally into you.

Again and again and again.


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