April 23, 2022

Why Slowing Down is a Life-Transforming, Awakening Paradox.


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Isn’t it fascinating to have a bird’s eye view?

How incredible to become aware of the stillness, the flow, and the deeply-rooted rhythm that steadily pulses through all of nature.

I’m currently sitting on a balcony, two stories up, soaking in the fresh air and noticing—noticing the movement of the clouds, the breeze through the trees, and the people walking past going about their lives. Simply allowing the awareness to come.

One thing stands out.

Every time I stop, get out of my head, be present, quit the overthinking for just a moment, and go inward, I come out with more.

I come out with more awareness, I receive inspiration and clarity, or something dawns on me.

I finally get “it.” (Whatever “it” happens to be.) You know that one thing that has been running crazy circles in your overactive mind? Yep. That’s the one.

You see, I have a long-standing, intimate relationship with overthinking. It has permeated every single decision and aspect of my life up until now. It has kept me safe, but it has also kept me stuck. I have been completely closed off from anything that brings me deep joy, any concept of my greater purpose, and any realization of my innate gifts.

So, needless to say, it has been a continual, conscious, and at times, deeply painful effort to allow this concept of slowing down to become a permanent, nonnegotiable.

This brand new going inward always seems to result in having much more to bring to fruition, much more to offer, and much more to give outward. Going inward draws out more depth and understanding, and that can only be a good thing.

It’s a fascinating paradox that many trained in spirituality implement in their daily lives. This idea of becoming still and silent to make massive moves or bold leaps. To go forward fast, we find great benefit in first pausing the continuous momentum. It is then that the breakthroughs come. Letting go of the need to know every single step along the way allows for a little magic to drop in. And who doesn’t want a little (or a lot) more magic?

This is the case in every area of life. How you cope day-to-day. How you relate to those around you. How you conduct your business or work life. How you impact and reach people. How you offer value and show up.

And I have no doubt you would reap huge, noticeable benefits from allowing the still, quiet awareness to come in.

Imagine feeling calmer, clearer, and more capable in any area you can think of, really.

Imagine knowing that you have a much deeper purpose, innate worth, and so many gifts. This is the beauty that is discovered in the “stopping.”

It is life-transforming, eye-opening, and awakening. I highly recommend it.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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