May 2, 2022

Just buried Redford.

Here’s the story of his passing, yesterday.

Oh Redford may you be happy and safe and enjoy sunshine and swimming and cuddles and lalalas and thank you for making my life and our town so warm and playful and grounded. I know death is real but it is in service of appreciate the life and the days that we get, and that we get with each other. ⁠

When Red died early evening yesterday, it rained for the whole evening and night and morning after a dry month of near-no rain.

I buried him today, leaving space for a tree to plant for him, and perhaps a statue that can guard Redford’s home and I can touch the nose of when I enter or leave. ⁠

Just buried Redford. It was hard but also surreal and ordinary and I got dizzy several times. I made a nice spot for him in a special area of my backyard beneath a huge Elephant rock and left a corner of good earth for a tree I’ll plant for him and to remember him by. And maybe we’ll make a pottery sculpture of him to continue to guard and warm our home, and to touch the nose of when I leave and arrive. And maybe I’ll name my home after Redford, it really was his castle.

A final photo. I have others, but this is probably more than enough.

I will share some photos on my Instagram of his grave site and some other very sweet final things.

Today has been harder than I thought it should be—I thought it would be a joyful remembrance, really, he was nothing if not sweet warm love—but it’s a lot of tears. That’s good too.

Here’s a few photos. For way too many, see my stories. I’m going through all my photos and videos and memories of him, of course. And also taking care of myself.

Pets are not here for us, we are here for them, and then if we are truly there for them, they are here for us, and all of us, and they teach us and train us more than we train them, if we are willing to be a good buddy to them.

And if we are we learn that, in their life being too short, to treasure every moment and every day and to extend that appreciation to one another, our family, our community, our friends.

And if we extend that appreciation our own life expands and deepens, both. And if we do all of that, we might discover that our immense love and joy for this one animal sentient being could be and is present with all animals and all sentient beings, and this earth. But few of us are willing to open our hearts to that lesson; there is too much joy and appreciation and respect in it, our hearts can not contain such love. We have only to let go, and give, and we do not need to contain love, we can let it flood our life.

Only if so inspired please see my fundraiser to pay tribute to Redford, and to pay his and our love forward in here.


Only if so inspired please see my fundraiser to pay tribute to Redford, and to pay his and our love forward. 

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