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May 10, 2022

Loving Toxic People from a Distance

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If you say or do something with nothing but kindness god/love/pure intentions in the action, and have zero expectation from them, and it’s is not heard, or accepted with your loving intention in mind, or met with anger, hatred, blaming, belittling…please have the courage to Love yourself and excuse that person from your life.


It is not you, it is fear and their own unawareness and ignorance speaking through the cloudy lens of their ego.

Nothing to do with you. Do not own it.

There’s NO amount of help, caring, love or kindness that will help those that are unwilling to examine themselves, self-reflect, be wrong, and begin to help themselves out of an abyss of darkness.

One cannot give or accept what they don’t have within them.

It’s a difficult task at first, and requires a lot of courage that you do not know you have until you begin. One step at a time. It’s there, I promise.

Bless them and send them healing, and love them from a distance. Hatred for them only hurts you. Continuing to participate in any way, hurts you.

Whatever distance required to keep from harming yourself, by the punches they throw, either mentally or physically. Burn the bridge to keep yourself safe and healthy.

If you have to be around this person at al(work, family, etc)l, do not participate in their toxicity. No response is a good response.

They cannot hear you anyway. Don’t waste your energy.

If it is emotional or physical abuse, zero contact, zero response. Love yourself enough to do that. Your life and the quality of it, the direction of your unique path, depends on it.

All of that love you think you owe others? Even the toxic? It’s of no value to them. You owe it to yourself.

Choose to Love yourself.

While the first time you choose to love yourself, may feel self-absorbed, it’s not selfish, it’s self/ego less. You cannot care for or love anyone else until you care for and love yourself unconditionally. It’s choosing not to allow anymore harm to come to you, which is what God/Universe/ your soul, wants for you.

THE most valuable thing you can give others is a healthy you. Period.

I’ve learned this time and time again from choosing and doing the opposite and while I have not always loved myself through it, now, I no longer have to make the choice, it is a given, which is a good thing. The best thing.

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