May 10, 2022

Why High Achievers Struggle with Love.


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You are a high achiever, a visionary with bold plans for the future.

You bring a lot to the table, and you’re yearning for a lasting soul connection that will help you to grow and expand.

You are on a path of personal development; you are crushing it at work but struggling with love.

Relationships just feel hard. Am I right?

I know. I’ve been there.

You tend to come back to the narrative that you probably need to heal one more childhood wound or shift a subconscious belief that you haven’t managed to identify yet.

As high achievers, society has shown us that if we work hard enough, it will be ours. But this unfortunately does not apply fully for attracting love.

Sure doing “the work” and making sure you are not projecting your traumas on your partner is paramount to having a healthy relationship. But, I believe, what is blocking you most right now is not this but that deep down you think it might not happen for you.

Tell me, do you truly believe that finding the man or woman of your dreams is in the cards for you?

What came up? Did your body contract? If so, then it probably means that somewhere there is disbelief.

So here is a reminder:

Love is not something you earn by healing all your wounds and becoming perfect.

Love is present right now. It is within you. It is being offered to you daily. It is you.

Love is your birthright.

How would you show up differently if I told you that you are worthy of this love right now and it is on the way?

What if I told you that it was not about changing something within you, that you are already beautiful and whole.

That, as Rumi says, it’s not about seeking love, but breaking down all the barriers you have built against it.

From years of deep personal development work and hundreds of hours coaching clients on these topics, I believe these may be your biggest barriers to love:

1. Your lack of trust and conviction that it is coming.

2. Seeing love as something that needs to be earned.

3. Not being able to open your heart fully to receive it.

4. Not being able to recognize it when it’s here.

5. Settling and saying yes to relationships and dynamics that do not serve you. Because the longer you entertain what’s not for you, the longer you postpone what is.

Tell me, what do you think your main barrier to love is? And I will personally give you some pointers on how to dissolve it below.


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Read 9 comments and reply

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