June 23, 2022

101 Tiny Blessings for when we Feel Ungrateful, Unhappy or Lost.


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The last eight years have been a living nightmare for me.

When I look back, I can’t believe what I’ve survived—physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Let’s be honest, being alive is an overwhelming experience. I wouldn’t call it “beautiful,” although I know that resonates with many people.

I would call life odd, intense, bittersweet, and downright peculiar.

Whenever I feel like crap, it helps to have something to focus on. Our brains will fall back into familiar patterns (habits) to preserve physical energy. When we decide to take back our attention and put it someplace pleasant, our stress decreases, our creative solutions increase, and we simply feel better.

Below, I share 101 small blessings to help you find your center again.

Look for and appreciate them, and notice how your energy shifts.

If you want to go further, print this list out and see how many of these you come across in the next month. This is another great way to train our brain to look for and appreciate “taking in the good” as Dr. Rick Hanson says.

I had fun writing this list, and I hope it brings you some encouragement and pleasure:

1. A butterfly crossing your path.
2. The smell of the air after it rains.
3. That first sip of your favorite drink.
4. Long hugs.
5. A dog’s sloppy kisses.
6. The sound of autumn leaves when the wind picks up.
7. The ding on your phone when your lover texts you.
8. The splash of warm water on your face after a long day.
9. The feeling of clean sheets.
10. Snuggling with your pets or kids.
11. The feeling of accomplishment after a creative project.
12. Hot baths.
13. Poking your head out of a car’s sunroof while driving.
14. Seeing cows or horses on a road trip.
15. The smell of a kitchen right before dinner.
16. A flower that sprouts in a patch of weeds.
17. The songs of the birds in the morning.
18. A foot rub.
19. Money from an unexpected source.
20. A good, long stretch.
21. Hearing, “I love you.”
22. Hearing, “I miss you.”
23. A thunderstorm.
24. Being warm in bed when it’s cold outside.
25. Letting your hair down after it’s been in a ponytail all day.
26. Your favorite song playing on the radio.
27. Early, early mornings.
28. The squeaky meow of a kitten.
29. The smell of your favorite perfume or cologne.
30. Buying a new plant.
31. Taking off your shoes and socks and feeling the floor or carpet on your bare feet.
32. Sitting alone at a restaurant and fully enjoying yourself.
33. A drink of cold water after a hard workout.
34. Holding hands with someone you love.
35. Letting a piece of dark chocolate melt in your mouth.
36. The feeling of clean teeth after brushing.
37. Solitude.
38. Calmness after praying or intending something.
39. Soap suds and bubbles.
40. A good book in a big, comfy chair.
41. Conscious breathing to invite peace.
42. Being the first in line.
43. Deep trust in how things are unfolding.
44. Finding a feather.
45. Finding a penny.
46. The first hit of warm water on your body in the shower.
47. Seeing a rainbow.
48. Being completely alone in a movie theatre (and loving it!).
49. A smile from your best friend.
50. Birthday presents!
51. Being paid to do what you love.
52. Passing by a mirror and approving of yourself.
53. A good head scratch.
54. Late, late evenings.
55. Watching the sunrise or sunset.
56. Having a dog run over to you just to say hello.
57. The sound of laughter.
58. That squiggly feeling you get in your tummy when the person you like talks to you.
59. The anticipation of your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant.
60. The smell of a new car.
61. Receiving flowers.
62. Someone you love giving you a wink.
63. Seeing a hummingbird and yelling, “Hummingbird!”
64. A normally silent person on social media liking or commenting on your post.
65. A campfire, s’mores, and some ghost stories.
66. The feeling of late summertime.
67. A fresh coat of paint.
68. A meme that really makes you laugh out loud.
69. The smell of the person you love.
70. Seeing a friend after a long time and picking up as if no time has passed.
71. Spotting a whale and yelling, “Whale!”
72. The way the light changes around autumn.
73. Those little soaps in hotel rooms.
74. The intimacy of someone touching your belly.
75. Feeling full after a delicious meal.
76. Telling a joke and getting the punchline just right.
77. Inhaling cold, dewy air in the morning.
78. Making the horn motion to a truck driver, and they honk the horn!
79. Talking on walkie-talkies. (Trust me, it’s so much fun).
80. Total, absolute silence.
81. Having an older song shuffle on your iPod when you least expect it.
82. Pillow talk.
83. Receiving a greeting card in the mail.
84. Bringing a dying plant back to life.
85. An inside joke.
86. The flicker of a candle.
87. Giving yourself a little shoulder and neck massage.
88. Having time to snooze in the morning.
89. Sneezing after you’ve been trying to sneeze!
90. Dangling your feet and legs in a hot tub.
91. Seeing a bee butt as they pollinate a flower.
92. The feeling of a freshly cleaned house.
93. Playing a game of pool in a bar and feeling really cool doing it.
94. Getting an unexpected refund or discount.
95. Someone giving you a thumbs up or head nod.
96. Using Christmas lights in your house when it’s not Christmas because you like how they look.
97. The way the sun looks when it’s trying to peak through the clouds after a storm.
98. The sounds of ocean waves when you close your eyes.
99. Buying something for yourself you really, really want.
100. The sizzle of something cooking.
101. Someone wrapping their arms around your waist from behind and giving you a huge squeeze.

What makes you feel better when you need a boost?


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