March 9, 2022

5 Wonderful Ways to Move Energy & Emotion through the Body.

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Why does energy stick around?

Simple: we allow it to.

We have more control over how we feel and what energies are affecting us than we’ve been taught.

New Age dogma has hijacked the conversation around energy (and many other aspects of spirituality). It’s been drilled into our heads to release “negative” energy and only allow “positive” energy into our fields.

Where did these labels of “positive” and “negative” come from? Simple—from how that particular energy feels in our fields and the body.

But energy is not positive or negative; it’s neutral until we assign it a value or place a story or judgment on it.

Energy that feels good to us is in alignment or resonant. Energy that doesn’t feel good to us is not in alignment or dis-resonant.

Energy that feels “positive” to one person can feel “negative” to another because energy is about resonance, not a judgment of moral value or conditioned thinking/reactions.

There are only two states of being in any situation or circumstance: is this resonant or dis-resonant?

Translation: does it feel good to me or not, regardless of conditioning, moral judgment, or what others think?

Here are three things to keep in mind about energy that will help you move through it with more ease:

1. Energy has no will of its own—we command it where to go.

2. Energy cannot stick to you without your permission.

3. Energy sticks around or gets “stuck” because our ego keeps telling a story about it: where it came from, why it’s there, what it means, and how it’s probably our fault. The key is to stop telling a story about the energy and allow yourself to feel it without labeling or judgment so it can pass through you.

Most of our language around energy is not quite accurate.

The body is a conductor of energy. Energy, by its nature, is always moving.

Energy does not belong to you; it channels through you.

When we say phrases like “I am sad” versus “I am feeling the vibration of sadness, and I have the choice to keep that in my field or not,” we reinforce our lack of control around what we allow in our field, and hence, it stays there.

You know the phrase “you are what you eat”? Well, the same is true for energy. You are what you think about because thinking about something creates a physical response in the body—creating a vibration we have labeled as an emotion.

If you keep thinking, “I am so sad,” guess what? You’ll experience the energy of sadness. But, if you change your focus and say, “I don’t wish to feel sad, and I command this energy away from me and back to Source,” then guess what? That energy has to leave your field because you are no longer inviting it toward you.

We’ve given names to the vibrations the body conducts: sadness, anger, frustration, joy, love, rage, fear, and so on.

If we don’t like how an energy feels, we can command it away from us.

I use the word “command” on purpose because it suggests power and confidence.

We never have to force energy away from us because it will only draw nearer, creating more resistance and stress.

We also never have to beg, plead, or cajole energy to leave us alone. We simply tell it where to go and intend it away from us.

Energy must go where we tell it. If you connect with this practice, you will feel it leave your field just like you felt it arrive there.

Here are five ways to move dis-resonant energy through the body and out of your field:


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I feel bad for folks who don’t allow themselves a good cursing session now and then.

We must remember that words are simply made up, and we have endowed them with meaning, power, and judgment.

As much as talk can be cheap, words still have power—because we decide they do.

Cursing when you are pissed off, frustrated, upset, annoyed, irritated, or filled with rage is a visceral way to move that energy through the body and out of your field.

Some people fear that if they give in to anger or fear or hatred, it will just get worse or bigger, but the opposite will happen. Because you are dealing with the energy, you are sending it away from you and back to Source. You’re giving it a channel to move through.

Talking about the energy and feeling it are two different states of being. Talking about it will keep it around; experiencing it fully and deciding to release it (without the story!) will move it away from you.

Energy will move through you sooner than you realize—in 90 seconds or less, which is the life of an emotional neurotransmitter.


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Depending on the energy you want to release, exercise will help you out.

Go for a brisk walk or do some jumping jacks. Get the body moving and focus on your pelvic bowl. Visualize the energy returning to Source and call in the energy you want to feel.

Get out of the head and into your body.


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Get a pillow or a big pile of blankets or simply punch the air until you feel the energy start to move through the body and imagine it releasing through your fists.

Send the energy back to Source and punch until you feel every last drop leave your field.

This won’t take long—maybe a minute or two. The trick is to not tell a story about the energy; just feel it and release it.


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This is another place a pillow might come in handy.

Have a good scream.

Vocalizing also awakens the awareness of our body again, allowing us to dig deep and command the energy away from us.

Screaming also tires us out which releases defenses and completes the stress cycle.


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Laughing is a powerful medicine.

First, it connects us to the body again. Keep in mind most people spend their entire day (and lives) cut off from the neck down.

Second, it releases endorphins which can relieve pain and give us a sense of overall well-being, which changes the lens we are looking through.

Lastly, it shifts our perspective. When we laugh, we take in more oxygen-rich air and stimulate our muscles, heart, and lungs. We create a physical shift that wakes us up and changes what energy we allow in our field.

Please remember that we allow energy to stick around. We draw it closer to us the more we talk about it and “claim” it.

Most of the energy you feel is not yours—you’ve simply picked it up from those around you and assumed a story about it based on your present circumstances. And since a lot of energy feels familiar to us (even if it doesn’t feel good), we assume it’s ours and allow it to linger. We give it full reign and bandwidth to consume us.

Take your power back. Command energy that doesn’t feel good (even if it feels familiar) away from you. You are allowed to feel good.

I’ll say that again because most of us have never been given permission or told we deserve peace: you are allowed to feel good.

How do you allow yourself to feel good?

Simple: by deciding it.


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