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June 8, 2022

A Bilingual Yoga Class for Balance, Focus and Flexibility. {Video}

I teach bilingual yoga.

I come from Ecuador, but my father was American. So bringing together and empowering communities to come together through yoga is my passion, joy, and way to be of some service.

For too long, here in the US, non-English-speaking communities haven’t had access to Yoga in a way that feels comfortable. And for English speakers, getting outside of our bubble is important work—and fun!

So why practice Bilingual Yoga? It might seem obvious that knowing more than one language can facilitate, say, traveling or watching movies without subtitles—but for a long time bilingualism was—get this—seen as a drawback. Judith F. Kroll, distinguished professor of Psychology, Linguistics and Women’s Studies, said:

“Not only is bilingualism not bad for you, it may be really good. When you’re switching languages all the time it strengthens your mental muscle and your executive function becomes enhanced.”

If Bilingualism is Yoga for our brain, imagine what happens when we’re actually practicing yoga in a Bilingual format! Hearing the teacher lead us through one side in English, the next in Spanish. This kind of yoga breaches the traditional classroom setting into that of a kinesthetic learning space.

In today’s class we will practice different shades of Dancer Pose. This practice will help open your chest, shoulders, hip flexors and gain more balance, focus, and flexibility. I will teach the first side in English and the second side will be taught in Spanish. Get ready to immerse yourself!


Hope you have fun, and learn something new in the process.

Please comment and share your experience. I will reply. Please support me in my right livelihood mission to be of benefit by commenting, sharing, and practicing with me.

Thank you | Gracias


PS: If you live in Denver/Boulder, I offer Bilingual Yoga at the Park. Direct Message me to be on the loop of dates and parks. If you live anywhere else in the world, I’d love to welcome you to our bi-weekly live zoom classes every Monday and Friday evening (MT). To learn more feel free to message me directly.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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