June 17, 2022

Kelsey Vidal: “I went to school to become a teacher, not a law enforcement.”

Something’s been bugging me since the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

It isn’t being talked about enough anymore. And not just the one in Texas, but all the ones that preceded it. Mass shootings are still a possibility in the future. Sick people still believe they have the right to go buy a gun and kill whomever they want.

It breaks my heart.

It tears my soul apart.

I can’t even imagine how scared parents still are about sending their children to school. And what choice do they have?

I can’t even imagine how scared teachers must feel because they aren’t only responsible for their own safety but that of the students. They most probably hold such a great burden because many souls are under their protection.

And what can a weaponless teacher do in case a murderer breaks in with all the weapons they need to end the lives of innocent children?

What could they do other than try to save as many lives as they can with whatever means they have, including their own?

A few days ago, I was checking the news and saw a video about a teacher in the United States, Kelsey Vidal, who is uploading TikToks where she shares tips and tricks with teachers on how they can increase the percentage of safety in their classrooms.

They need tools. They need a lot of tools.

She says, “Kids shouldn’t be dying going to school. I shouldn’t have to have a bulletproof backpack, a door bar, and a bat in my classroom to feel safe.”

And what could really be done in the face of such dangers? Is it really every person for themselves now?

Should teachers be responsible for keeping themselves and the students safe in the face of life-threatening events?

Shouldn’t schools be the safest place for children?

This is the video that shows how Kelsey is preparing herself every day before starting her sessions:


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What are your thoughts on this?


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Read 6 comments and reply

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