May 27, 2022

Mrs. Irma Garcia’s husband died of grief yesterday.

We have to remember something not just after the Texas massacre.

After every f*cking massacre that’s been happening in the United States.

I do not live there. I have never lived there. But I do have a heart. I do follow the news. I do have American friends. I do live with my nephews.

And, God forbid, if I ever think anything should happen to my little ones, I’d lose my mind and go crazy with unbearable anxiousness. Hell, when we’re crossing the street, I hold their hands way too tight for fear that some out-of-control driver should hit us.

Can you imagine parents sending their children to school every day, with the slightest possibility that a murderer decides to end their lives?

Children. They’re helpless children. Children for God’s sakes.

Who in their right minds has the heart to harm those innocent creatures? But no. This man was not in his right mind, and he has no heart.

I have no sympathy for him nor will I justify his actions by saying he needed professional help.

What he needed was a hard denial at the counter of the gun shop when he requested to buy those weapons.

America is beautiful.

But not now. Unless things start to change.

And you know why? Because it is not safe with just anyone deciding to buy a gun and ending many people’s lives for no particular reason.

And whatever reason they may find, it’s bullsh*t. We possess no right to decide when a person should live or die.

I had no words to say about the massacre in those couple of days because, frankly, I was out of words. But reading the news about the death of Mrs. Irma Garcia’s husband made me bawl my eyes out early in the morning.

According to BBC news, the husband died of a heart attack.

Mrs. Garcia’s nephew tweeted that her husband died of grief.

I can’t fathom what he went through. I can’t fathom what their four children are going through. Losing their parents at once because of something that could’ve been prevented.

The husband died of grief.

The parents of the children are suffering because of grief.

And this brings me to the most important thing to remember about all of this:

What is being done about all of this is prepping the children to defend themselves against a recurrent problem, drastic problem, instead of dealing with the problem itself.

When will this ever stop?

Is the world supposed to expect another mass shooting soon because of the lack of control?

Should the parents have panic attacks every time their child goes to school?

Is this not enough to start preventing the problem from happening in the first place instead of dealing with the bloody consequences?

How many deaths should there be for murderers to stop being given a right they shouldn’t possess?


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Read 17 comments and reply

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