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June 24, 2022

Here’s what we can do to strike back—& it’s likely our last chance.

Overturning Roe v. Wade was a mistake on the part of Trump’s GOP. There’s one way to strike back—& it’s likely our last chance.

Love isn’t just light, it’s compassion, and that can be full of sadness and caring and suffering.

It’s too easy to give up when things feel dark, or hard, or hopeless. But giving in to cynicism is selfish. It doesn’t help.

Here’s what we can do instead. Active Love, as MLK, Jr., said, is the only kind of love. And what the world needs now…

“The Supreme Court just officially overturned roe vs wade. Abortion is now illegal in many states. Vote every single anti choice bastard out of office in November.” ~ TwoXChromosomes

> Register to vote.

> find your state, scroll down, click the link and follow the instructions to register to vote.

> Then share the link with everyone you know.

> Then take ten friends with you to vote.

> aid access will help you access abortion pills via the mail.

May today be a mistake on the part of Trump’s GOP—poking a stick into the hornet’s nest of caring, kind, modern America. Let us strike back—not with hate, but active love. Let us vote in overwhelming numbers. Because if we don’t…this is just the beginning of our loss of rights.

And, the end—of democracy.


It’s easy to give up hope.

But in Buddhism, it’s said to be healthy to be sad, to be angry, to be heartbroken. Feel the feelings, today.

But then, take that broken heart and breathe and heal and come back to your kindness and act. Passive words like these will do nothing on their own. Love is not love unless it is active love, as MLK, Jr., reminded us.

This cruel ruling (outlawing abortion rights, let alone contraception, gay marriage, gun limits, gay rights) doesn’t help or fix anything. Abortion rates go down under Democratic administrations and laws—what helps reduce abortions is access to contraception and sex education, not abstinence. Illegal abortion is dangerous for the mom and child both, hardly a pro-life victory. Having a child one isn’t prepared for is shown to set back the mom’s life, the family’s welfare, and the child. If everyone who was anti-abortion actually fostered a child, cared about funding teachers and public education, welfare, social safety nets, healthcare—then, maybe, yeah, you’d be pro-life. You aren’t. You’re anti-women.

But we know all this, those of us who pay attention.

So let this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back…in a good way. Let this be the GOP sticking its patriarchal nose (yeah) into the proverbial hornet’s nest. Let’s get that 1/3 of America, plus, who never votes, to vote. Let’s vote in overwhelming numbers, enough to turn the tide on the GOP-win-predicted Midterms, to protect voting rights for all, not just one side, to reground this democracy in facts and caring and progress for all. Let’s save America.

Because if we lose these midterms to Trump’s Republicans, we’ve seen what they’re doing to voting rights and elections…and the Midterms, no hyperbole, could be our last free and fair election. This could be the end of democracy, for now, in America.

So don’t just be sad. Don’t just be angry. Don’t just be brokenhearted. Be all those things and turn out the vote. Vote yourself. Get three friends to vote. Hell, hold voting parties, like my friend Cate does at a local pub, and talk over issues and candidates and get your ballot ready when it’s time.

Because taking democracy for granted is the best way to lose it—and we’re this close—and Trump’s Supreme Court and his fanboys have shown no compunction about turning back any of our other hard-won rights.


Read: No one is “pro-Abortion.”

Let the States decide?

Let the women decide.

Biden will act to protect abortion rights through an Executive Order. And Congress better support him and codify abortion rights, because EOs can be overturned by next President. And We the People better turn out and vote in such overwhelming numbers the GOP’s efforts to void voting rights & suppress voters will be for naught.

Finally, I believe in democracy. I believe in an America where rights and voting and dissent are patriotic, not where aggression and ‘Murica no healthcare no equality is patriotic. I’ll fly my USA flag as a reminder that we won’t cede what this nation is about to the haters.

Finally, finally: Anger is understandable today. But do not let it solidify into hate. What we’re “fighting” for is love, active love.

Just take care of yourself along the path. It’s okay to feel exhausted, all of it, but continue to rest in active love. Take care of yourself!

Caring about Roe v Wade doesn’t mean we forget about gun safety. It doesn’t mean we forget about our climate crisis, or Ukraine, or gay rights, equality, or voting rights—or taking care of ourselves.

We can and must open our hearts wide enough to fit the world in it.

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