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June 2, 2022

Who wants to run the world?!

Those that run the world build our world on law and order but who is that one that feels the need to tell other people what is right or wrong and what to do? This can only result from an attitude of feeling superior which is a very dangerous way of thinking because everyone is truly EQUAL and I despise any idea of leadership or hierarchy because it always implements an inequality, imbalance, an unrighteousness. If people wouldn’ t focus on a leader they would start to empower themselves by learning to take healthy decisions for themselves as well as for others, ego would shrink by the discovery of their own heart which naturally builds values like empathy, respect, love, tolerance as much as boundaries from within and there would be no need in controlling society from above as much by means of power and control. But they start with their programming and conditioning at an early age where children get intimidated and have to obey, their parents, in school, do this, do that and it continues into adult life by when many people have completely lost the courage to stand up for themselves, to take healthy decisions for themselves, others and with their lives and it is all due to a lack of LOVE. They lost the ability to think freely, to be FREE. To be HAPPY. So who are the ones that like to make laws and orders for other people? The ones who don’t trust that their fellow humans have the capacity to take healthy decisions for themselves? And why don’t they trust? Because they have no trust in themselves. They have no LOVE and we don’t want the world to be run anymore by those without heart, by narcissists who are not able to take wise steps towards a happy healthy society based on equality and community instead of concurrence and pressure to perform. Everybody is good at something and there would be no need for psychopaths running companies that the world doesn’t need or those in the streets abandoned by society because they did not make the run. Everybody could fulfill their very own and special role in society if we were not told from an early age that we must fit in but were encouraged to freely unfold ourselves instead of competing with one another. There would be less envy, hate, and egoism and we would wish to cooperate and learn from one another. You might have heard about some native tribes that have no leader or hierarchies but live in true community with everybody fulfilling their special role and with lots of respect for the wise elders and how does western society treat the elders? Deportation into a nursery home addicted to tablets, something must have gone badly wrong if you end up this way and how did the colonial powers treat the native tribes? Rotted them out and exploited them out of a narcissistic attitude of superiority. Telling people what is wrong or right is truly the last thing we need to do, everybody must start to THINK for themselves and there is a lot to rethink. Rethink and rebuild. From a place of LOVE. Because there is no greater power other than LOVE.

Author: Janet Kaufmann

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