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July 13, 2022

4 Ways to Not Let What People Say Affect You

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In a world that constantly tears us apart, life is easier when we can hide. The less people, the less problems, right? But what about what life has in store for us? We don’t see the people that are constantly being torn apart, and we don’t get to help them because we are hiding. If the actions or words people say affect us, we won’t be able to help others who need us, especially those who are close to us.

So how can we stay strong and not let what people say affect us? Speaking up is one thing you can do, but if your voice is drowned away, let it go. We cannot control others. We can only influence them.

Everyone in this world has different problems and going through it their own way. We can only try our best to see the good in others and pray that they heal. No matter what life throws at our direction, it’s best to be better, not bitter about it. So here are some ways to be strong and not let people’s actions or words affect you:

  1. Take the good, ignore the bad

Everyone’s a human. They won’t be perfect, and that’s okay. We already know that no one is God, so we choose to be accepting and forgiving with others. We decide to learn from the good qualities that people have and ignore the negative ones. We go back home from work, and we pray for others that God softens their heart and blesses them with his love. We give more to others when we are blessed inside. Prayers have power.

Pray for your loved ones and pray for your friends. But also pray that people in this world heal. Our country went through so much that it needs some light to enter into people’s lives. The pandemic has taken away our chance to pat each other’s backs. We miss each other more because we are more distanced apart. But one thing that brings us together and closer is our heart.

2. Don’t let what people say make you bitter

It’s true that people can say really hurtful things but don’t let these people change you. Continue being the change you wish to see in the world, like Mahatma Gandhi said back in time. Remind others that they have a hero inside them. Remind others that they have so much good for the world.

Always stay sweet and dedicated with your life. Never let the world change your heart when God knows it’s already perfect and okay. If people continue being hurtful to you, you can kill them with your kindness.

3. Share with a closed individual about your day

Share the good, the bad. Turn your bad day around to a good day. Have a talk with a close individual about your day and turn the negative around to a positive by sharing one good thing that you did. Listen to what others have to say about your day, and they can help you to have a better day the next day!

We’re stronger together, not on our own. It’s our words that lift each other up and our actions that bring us closer. We can use our actions and words to either tear each other apart or raise each other higher. It’s a choice.

4. Meditate

There’s nothing wrong to make some time for you. Whether it’s for five minutes or twenty minutes, just take time to breathe deeply and relax your mind. Let go off effort for just a few minutes. You deserve to relax all the tension in your body and mind, especially around your eyes.

Meditation can help our perspective come a bit clearer and let our foggy thoughts quiet down. Keep in mind, meditation is not to judge any of your thoughts. It is to let your thoughts pass by and flow like a river does.

Hope all of this tips work for you! Find what feels best. Take care and God bless, my friend.

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