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July 5, 2022

An Artist’s Prayer

Photo by THÁI NHÀN on Pexels.

‘Write your own Artist’s Prayer’

It seemed like such a stupid task – I’m not the praying kind. I resisted, I ridiculed, I procrastinated, but still the task kept beckoning. I was immersed in Week 4 of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way programme. I could hear my inner voice channeling Julia, whispering ‘What you most resist is what you most need’. 

Reluctantly, I put pen to paper. I expected to stare glumly at the page for an hour or so before giving up. I expected anything I wrote to be trite and insincere at best. I haven’t prayed since I was about four years old, when my parents instructed me to pray for God to ‘help me to be good.’ As if…

But instead, the words flowed effortlessly. Instead of praying to God, I prayed to the Universe.

I truly believe the Universe to be a limitless, beneficent entity that is always there for us, providing lessons, opportunities, synchronicities, messages…maybe that is God. I don’t know. But I do believe our Universe is magical, multi-faceted, munificent.

I don’t feel comfortable building a relationship with a God I don’t think I believe in. It doesn’t seem like a ‘fake it till you make it’ situation. But building a relationship with a powerful and benevolent universe – that feels right to me.

Whatever we believe, there is no doubt that the seven wonders of the world are merely the tip of the iceberg.  So here is my little non-religious prayer:

Bountiful Universe,

I bow to your mystery,

to your endless creativity,

to your love.

I ask you, Universe,

to hold a safety net if I stumble;

to provide a ladder when I need one;

and to sit with me

during those dark nights of the soul.

I ask you to show me the way

if I’m lost;

to point me towards inspiration

when I flounder.

I ask you for the courage

to show my true self to the world,

and for the wisdom

to distinguish fool’s gold from the precious nugget of truth.

I ask you to continue sending messages,

as I will continue to develop 

the magical gift of listening.

Bountiful Universe,

With your help

I will create.

I read over what I wrote with some amazement. It may be trite, but it sure as hell wasn’t insincere. I followed Julia Cameron’s instructions, and said my prayer every day for a week. Even after seven repetitions, it came from the heart. I’m still saying my prayer, and now I offer it to the world. May it be of benefit.

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