July 11, 2022

Full Moon in Capricorn: Is this Really the American Dream? {July 13/14}


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On July 13/14, 2022, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn.

This is an eventful time, especially for America because it highlights the country’s Pluto return.

We’re witnessing the fall of structures that can no longer stand the test of time. This process began in February of 2022, and it’s now being highlighted once again as Pluto retrogrades back over the exact point of when America was born in 1776.

If you think of it, America was born through the revolution, so we’re right back to where we started. Astrology isn’t some crazy pseudoscience; it’s the tracking of timing and history, and Pluto makes its rounds about once every 248 years, allowing us to make better choices this time around, or not.

Pluto often breaks things down, quite dramatically, like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes. It can feel jarring, but the goal is to redirect power. We’ve had our power stripped from us without even realizing it for far too long.

This is where we begin to take it back.

This is our invitation to create new structures that better reflect where we want to be—individually and as a collective. In order to create the new structures, we need to let go of the old ones that no longer serve our mission.

We’re seeing it happen before our eyes as almost 50 million Americans have already quit their jobs in what has been coined “The Great Resignation.”

Capricorn is cardinal earth—the one that creates structures, as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It is the archetype of the father, the government, and the CEO. Saturn loves boundaries, authority, and time. Ethics are important, and Saturn just wants to be sure that we’re doing a good job.

Cardinal energy is the initiator, the starter, and the one who gets the plans off the ground—but it doesn’t necessarily have the staying power to see the plans through because it’s already off starting the next project. Earth energy is tangible. It likes to have real evidence of the hard work it has put in.

Tangible evidence is the name of the American Dream. Work hard, take out a loan, get a degree, get a marriage certificate, have kids, buy a big house, own a car, and work nine-to-five until retirement.

Get all of the things to show I am successful.

It’s all paper.

The vision of success has been determined by pieces of paper.

Full moons are a time to reflect and release, as well as celebrate the harvest of our hard work. In the name of Capricorn, let’s celebrate our success up until this point and release the version of success that has been placed on us by a faulty system.

The only way to see change is if we embody it.

What does success mean to you? What structures have molded you into the person you are today? Do these structures need to be modified in order to become the person you want to be in the future?

Is it the fancy car, the big house, the nine-to-five job that provides a living? Maybe it is, but it’s time to be real with ourselves and get clear on our intentions.

Capricorn wants us to have a plan. Saturn wants to provide the framework for us to follow.

With Saturn in Aquarius, our framework is getting an overhaul. The new technology is loading into our system, and we are beginning to realize the old ways are outdated and exclusive. We’re updating our operating systems and realizing there is a better way, a more inclusive way, a way where we can feel safe to be different and still belong in the world—to be included in a community that accepts us as we are without feeling the need to change or mold us into a carbon copy of those who came before us.

Lately, I’ve been questioning myself and my qualifications. I’ve been thinking that if I just go back to school and get the degree, then somehow I would be more “qualified” to live in this world.

This is exactly the energy we’re under as the moon (our emotions) challenges Mercury (our thoughts) and Chiron (our deepest wounds). The invitation is to welcome our wounds into the conversation.

Where are my wounds holding me back? How can I make this limiting belief more empowering?

I question myself because I want to do well—because I care. But I will no longer bully myself into feeling less than because I don’t have the degree that society tells me I need in order to be worthy.

On this Full Moon in Capricorn, I release the need for another piece of paper to tell me I’m worthy. I am worthy with or without the paper on the wall. I have so much to offer this world, and I will be an integral part of rebuilding the world that I will be proud to leave behind for future generations.

This Full Moon is supported by the Nodes and Uranus, offering up a new opportunity to move toward our destiny. Things may change quickly and unexpectedly. We may come across an open door that we didn’t even know existed.

Walk through the door with confidence, clarity, and a lot of trust that all you are leaving behind is leading to a better place because what’s on the other side may be all you’ve dreamed of and more.

And lastly, although it may feel as though the world is falling apart, is it possible that through the fall is where we get to build the new framework—a framework that better represents equality, community, and true human rights?

We are responsible, and it’s time to start holding ourselves accountable.

What are you releasing and/or celebrating on this Full Moon in Capricorn? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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