July 7, 2022

The Top 5 Reasons the Law of Attraction isn’t Working for You.

The popularity of the Law of Attraction and manifestation methods has soared over the last few years, so much so that one might start to think that many people aren’t really happy with their lives.

There are so many people sharing tips on social media, in the news, and even in yoga classes about how to manifest the best life we can imagine, yet there are countless others finding that when they put Law of Attraction concepts into action, very little changes for them.

It makes us begin to wonder if we are simply doing it wrong, or if the Law of Attraction is even real at all.

The problem with many Law of Attraction tips is that they are so watered down and simplified that they exclude the vast majority of circumstances that an average person could experience and do not take into consideration other influences. So while the definition of the Law of Attraction itself—the idea that thoughts, emotions, and other energies attract similar energies—is fairly simple to understand and truly is considered a fundamental law of the universe according to many spiritual traditions, in practice things can get nuanced and complicated. If life were as simple as a million bucks showing up in our bank account because we thought about it a few times a day, we’d all be millionaires.

Before we throw the towel in on the Law of Attraction altogether, let’s look at a few reasons why we may be struggling to manifest our dream life.

1. The Law of Attraction Isn’t Selective

One big misunderstanding regarding the Law of Attraction is that if we create strong enough thoughts and emotions about what we want to manifest, those energies will attract what we want.

While we do attract experiences in our lives based on the energies that exist in our energy field—which include thought and emotional energies—there are many other energies that exist in our energy body that are equally if not more capable of attracting things to us than our consciously created thoughts and emotions. We all have trauma energies, repressed emotional energies, energetic blueprints, and countless other energies that are connected to us at all times.

For many of us, the majority of the energies we attract experiences through are energies that we are often completely unaware of. So while our conscious mind is busy formulating thoughts and emotions that will best attract what we want, we may have unconscious or shadow aspects of ourselves formulating energies that are equally as powerful that tell us we are unworthy, undeserving, or incapable. We might consciously want to stop repeating patterns of our past, but we may also have trauma energies and repressed emotions from past experiences still in our energy field that attract undesirable circumstances to us.

There are so many different facets of the overall “energies” within us that attract our circumstances. Working to become conscious of these different energies and releasing those that are not in alignment with what we want to attract is actually a more productive way to go about manifesting than throwing thoughts out there and hoping for the best. It’s important to keep what resonates and remove or heal what doesn’t. Until this is done, we will keep attracting through the energies of our unconscious patterns and past challenging experiences.

2. Maybe It’s Them, Not You

We know that the experiences we attract come from all of the energies contained in our energy field, but what we might not know is that some of the energies we attract experiences through don’t even belong to us in the first place.

Yes, it is possible to have trauma, emotional energy, thought energy, and many other foreign energies in our field that belong to another person, place, or thing. There are a variety of reasons why this happens. In some cases, a person may choose (consciously or unconsciously) to take on the emotions or trauma of others that they care about in order to ease suffering. In other cases, there are certain people who tend to dump their emotions and trauma onto others. There are also people who have porous energy fields, which can allow for foreign energies from the environment to leak in. Regardless of the reason, when we hold foreign energies in our field, we can attract experiences through these energies.

While it might not seem fair that our life’s experiences can be attracted by energies that don’t even belong to us in the first place, the Law of Attraction does not care where an energy came from. Just like two magnets attract to one another regardless of the color, shape, size, or origin of either magnet, the energies attracted to us simply match what is present within us.

This is why doing healing work, keeping our energy field protected and cleansed, and working on conscious and unconscious behaviors that cause us to take on the energies of others is so important. While we may not be responsible for others’ thoughts and emotions, they do affect us in a variety of ways, and it is our responsibility to ensure that any harmful effects are minimal by doing our own inner work.

3. Your Life Path Supersedes your Wants

Sometimes what we want to manifest for ourselves is not necessarily in our highest good. When we incarnate in this life, we all have soul contracts, a life path, a soul mission, and certain things that we came here to accomplish. These are our primary reasons for being here in the first place, and the energies of our incarnation contracts are encoded into our energy field. These energies or blueprints that we incarnate with are some of the most powerful energies in our field.

Regardless of what our wants or desires are, any thoughts or emotions we generate that are meant to manifest certain circumstances that are not in alignment with our soul contracts or life path will simply not manifest in a significant way. Our life path energies are like a huge magnet that attracts certain experiences, people, places, and resources to us that help aid us on our mission here in this life. These energies are the biggest magnet of all, and no matter how hard we try, our conscious efforts to manifest based on something other than what aligns with our reason for incarnating will always pale in comparison to our incarnation energies.

This means that if we are having trouble manifesting something, it might not be meant for us, and that’s okay. It’s our ego and our fears that want us to be a billionaire, not our soul essence.

On the flip side of this, life and our soul want us to be abundant and happy, to live our soul purpose, and to be uplifted by life and not brought down by it. We already have the templates in our field that are meant to bring us everything that we need for this, and they are stronger than any other energies in our experience.

A huge part of manifestation is to trust our life path even when we don’t understand it or know what it might entail.

4. It’s All In The Timing

Time is a human thing. We have ways in our society of defining time and dividing time, and with this comes a lot of expectation. These expectations are based on life experience and what we are accustomed to, and could be different from person to person.

When we set our sights on something we want to manifest, we typically decide somewhere along the way that we also need that something very close to now. The universe doesn’t care when we want something, though. The Law of Attraction works in its own time according to a lot of different factors that we are not aware of from our human perspective.

Nonetheless, we try to get all of the things right now and then are left feeling frustrated, disheartened, and unfulfilled when our expectations aren’t met. This doesn’t mean that the universe isn’t working on it, but often in order to manifest something we want that is truly in our best interest, there are dozens of things that need to happen first before we get there.

If we let go of our expectations of timing and assume that the universe will deliver whatever we are meant to manifest at the exact right time, even if it’s 10 years from now, we feel a lot less burdened by the pressure of “now.”

If letting go is a challenge to do, it may be that we are looking at whatever we want to manifest as a savior from whatever we are suffering from in our current experience. This means that it may be most helpful to address any beliefs we have about our current experience that cause us to feel as if we are suffering, or to make active changes to our circumstances when we are able to, especially if we are in an abusive or harmful situation that we can choose to change.

At the end of the day, if it’s meant to be, it’s coming. In the meantime, try to make each experience as joyful and uplifting as possible and change what isn’t in alignment with joy.

5. Catch Me If You Can

We all get into funks where we feel as if nothing is changing in our outer world, and our inner world is a mess. This can happen when we are doing a lot of internal work on ourselves and our energy is rapidly shifting because we are releasing so much that no longer serves us. Healing is an emotional and challenging experience, and when we’ve been at it for a long time, we want nothing more than for our outer circumstances to reflect the inner work we’ve been doing.

It can be difficult to manifest anything significant when we are actively doing inner work and healing. This is because rapid healing means a rapidly changing energy field. When we are releasing trauma, old emotions, people or connections that no longer serve us, or doing any other kind of healing work, our energy field becomes chaotic as energies leave. This is why it feels so uncomfortable to heal sometimes.

When our energy field is changing rapidly due to healing and clearing, the energies we use to manifest are either leaving altogether or shifting greatly. This makes it difficult for anything in our outer reality to really “stick,” and this makes us feel like our lives are going nowhere and nothing is changing. It’s like calling a friend while you’re driving up the highway and asking them to meet you at Exit 2 just as you’re passing it. By the time they get there, you’re by Exit 30 and you missed them by a long shot.

Manifesting anything takes a certain degree of stability. This means that when things are rapidly changing in our energy, we aren’t likely to manifest much, and this is absolutely no reflection on our ability to attract what we want. When we get to the other side of the inner chaos and the work is done, better things are waiting for us on the other side. We just have to keep on driving through the hard stuff and trust that the GPS is guiding us, plus let go of any expectations that our outer world will reflect our inner world before the inner transformation is complete.

Becoming a Master Manifestor

With all of these complexities and loopholes, it seems like the Law of Attraction is nearly impossible to navigate. While learning the tricks of manifestation may feel challenging, letting go of control and expectation is the actual challenge we experience when we feel unable to manifest our dreams. Luckily, control and expectation are not required to manifest anything at all.

The big lesson here is that the master manifestor creates from the heart. They let go of the if, the how, and the when. They trust their path and the universe to bring goodness to them in any form, no matter how challenging it is to get there. Most of all, they do the best work they can to bring joy into each day.

When we consciously cultivate joy, happiness, bliss, and other uplifting emotions through all of our experiences, and equally allow ourselves to truly feel and process our challenging experiences rather than bury those energies somewhere in us, we follow the compass of our heart to whatever it is that we truly want and need.

This is manifestation mastery.


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