Our Thoughts Don’t Create Reality: The Law of Attraction Clarified.


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A few days ago, I published an article here at elephant journal called Thoughts Don’t Become Reality—Understanding The Law of Attraction.

Suddenly my inboxes were so full they were heaving!

So many people welcomed the article and the clarity it offered on the difference between a thought, a feeling, a belief and an emotion, and how all of that related to Law of Attraction.

However, there were also requests for more information, seeking even greater clarity and asking the “How to” questions.

So this is a response to those. If you didn’t read the article, you don’t need to have done so in order to benefit from this one; this will stand alone.

I hope it’s helpful!

First, the Law of Attraction can’t really be disputed. We live in a vibrational reality where everything is energy, vibrating at a particular frequency. As energy, we’re not separate from everything else, since everything is the same energy; our vibrational frequency affects the vibrational frequency of everything around us, near and far.

It’s why healers can affect the recovery of someone on the other side of the world.

Most of us wouldn’t disagree. The bit we might disagree about—because we are incredibly muddled here in the West about the difference between thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions—is the “how” of it.

We seem to have come up with a statement, which has become a belief, that our thoughts create our realities.

However, while our thoughts are part of what creates reality, they are not the prime mover. They’re one of the company directors, if you like, rather than the CEO.

Knowing and understanding this helps a lot. It instantly gives us the power to influence our reality faster and to change it permanently.

Let’s take the two major feelings from which every single other feeling in the Universe has its source: love and fear. Everything we create, vibrationally, arises out of one of those.

Everything. No exception.

That immediately makes it a whole lot easier.

Love and fear are feelings, not thoughts. We don’t think love or fear; we feel love and fear. And our emotions respond with sensations we can’t mistake. Vibrationally, love and fear are the most powerful vibrations in the universe, and this is the stuff of creation and manifestation.

A thought can recognise what we’re feeling by noticing its emotional manifestation in our body, it can help us to understand it, to contain it, to influence it…all of which is hugely important!

At no point are we saying that our thoughts aren’t a vital component. It’s simply that, in terms of our unique vibrational signature, thoughts aren’t the biggest players; emotions are. That’s because it’s emotions that emit our vibrational frequency. Our thoughts—with practice—can notice what’s going on and make it conscious. And, in that, they are immensely useful! But it doesn’t start there, nor does it end there!

To notice that we’re feeling love or fear is a thought. To then try to make all the reasons why we’re feeling love or fear conscious, is a thought process. But the thought “I’m feeling fear” or “I’m feeling love” in itself is not vibrational; the emotional reaction going on in our body, in response to the feeling of fear or love, is what is vibrating out into the Universe and, through the law of resonance (like vibrations attract), creating our reality.

That’s why affirmations (thoughts which are stating intentions and beliefs) work for some of us and not for others. If thoughts created reality, we’d only have to keep stating affirmations and bingo!…everything we’re intending to happen would happen, right?

But that’s not how it goes.

And that’s why it feels so important to me that I try to help us all get a little clarity on this. So we can create the reality we want, by understanding this whole business of vibration.

So, here’s Marie. She grew up in a family where everyone else got what they wanted—she had fairly self-centred parents, who followed their own dreams but forgot they had a little girl who had some of her own. So, by the time Marie is a grown woman, she has some pretty powerful beliefs going on about not being entitled, and not having the power to change things. She wants to, but those beliefs keep getting in her way, because they keep emitting fear.

Bad news in terms of The Law of Attraction!

Marie’s read lots of self-help books. Oh so many. With a fair degree of desperation, truth be told. She hopes they’ll help, but deep down she doesn’t believe they can help. Or that anything can help!

Then she comes across something called Law of Attraction. It’s new and exciting and she reckons it might be the answer she’s been looking for! Everyone keeps telling her: ‘Thoughts Become Things! Change your thoughts and your reality will change!’

It sounds pretty magical, but Marie’s thinking, what can she lose!

Marie starts saying affirmations out loud to herself morning and evening. She makes a vision board. She watches motivational videos. She joins Law of Attraction groups on Facebook. She signs up to receive motivational emails every day in her inbox. She’s doing everything she can!

But her reality doesn’t change; in fact, if anything, things feel even worse!

And Marie’s bewildered. She can’t understand why!

So, how does all this help us? And Marie?

How does Marie turn all that around?

With two emotional processes: empathy and imagination. Thinking is the tool; empathy and imagination are the power sources we must plug that tool into.

When Marie changes her emotional response, which is what is vibrating out into the Universe, busily creating her reality, her reality can’t help but change.

It’s Universal Law.

So she uses:


This tells her where those emotions come from—which is always how the past felt to her, often as a child—and she can hold the hurt part of her in love and understanding (from her current adult perspective) rather than fear (the perspective of all that hurt part of her has learned to believe, and be angry and resentful about, and which is still vibrating out powerfully right now)


This helps her feel differently about her past experience, and so to conjure up a different emotional response. Notice, I said feel differently, not think differently. It’s a different emotional response she’s after, not simply different thoughts! Once Marie has used empathy to soften how the past now feels, she can tap into that adult part of her, and begin to imagine a different reality so she can create different emotional responses, which in turn must create a different current and future reality.

And once she’s got her thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions all linked in together, she’s tuned in to all the abundance and certainty the Universe has been wanting to give her all along!

It isn’t that our thoughts don’t have a part to play. They help us to think about what’s going on. But it’s our emotional signature, our vibrational footprint, which is actually creating our reality, moment by moment.

Once we get that, and learn to use it consciously, with emotional awareness, we’re truly unstoppable! When we start making intelligent use of our emotional GPS in this way, The Universe responds! It can be no other way!

Happy manifesting!





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Author: Janny Juddly 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixabay


The Elephant Ecosystem

Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see important issues & writers win $$$ from Elephant. Learn more.

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Janny Juddly

Janny Juddly has been a psychotherapist and university lecturer fascinated to work with the mind-body-spirit connection for over 25 years, and a spiritual life coach and woman going through a major spiritual awakening process for the last three of those. The way the two inform and enrich and enable and challenge and feed each other has blown her mind, and she has found herself compelled to share this new adventure with others. She writes prolifically, and this has led to a growing worldwide following, daily discussions with spiritual seekers across the globe, and a recently published book, Dancers Amongst The Stars, available on Amazon and Book Depository (which offers free shipping worldwide). As someone who helps fellow travellers daily to make sense of their stories, Janny Juddly now brings a new and, she is told by many, unique perspective: that of an awakening woman who happens to have a psychotherapist in her pocket. That fresh perspective offers an invitation to all of us to see, through compassionate eyes, where we have truly come from, the amazing path we are embarked upon, and to view our experience of living this life - which for each one of us is uniquely ours alone - from the perspective of who we really are: a magnificent Being of light and love and power living a purposeful human experience. You can find her on her website and on her blog page or on Facebook. You can also watch her on YouTube, listen to her on Soundcloud, and follow her on Twitter and on Instagam. You can also listen to her show, Pocket Talk Radio. You can visit her Psychotherapy Website: Stressworks, and her Energy Healing Website: Universal Energy Works. Her direct e-mail is [email protected] You can also sign up to receive her regular newsletter, Pocket Chat.


10 Responses to “Our Thoughts Don’t Create Reality: The Law of Attraction Clarified.”

  1. Brandi Ansley says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I have such a hard time explaining the Law of Attraction to others or even putting into words what shifted within me. Your article really helped put this amazing phenomenon into words everyone can understand.

    • Janny Juddly says:

      Hey Brandi! So delighted that you found the article helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Happy manifesting! Love and sparkles! Janny xxx

  2. Sandra says:

    This all makes total sense. Before the “Law of Attraction” days, we called this Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

    The process of changing our emotional responses from negative to positive is a form of self-directed CBT. It requires discipline and practice. The process “re-wries” our brain by replacing old neural pathways with new, positive ones. The movie “What the Bleep” illustrates this process really well using animation and story telling.

  3. Janny Juddly says:

    Hi Sandra, thanks for your interesting observations. We might have an interesting discussion about CBT, since I reckon it can often encourage the defences of intellectualisation and rationalisation against feeling, and the idea that it's all about our thoughts rather than our feelings. I do recognise that it's useful in treating certain disorders, but I think that our confusion in the West over the distinction between thoughts and feelings contributes greatly to many of our emotional and psychological difficulties. As well, of-course, as muddling enormously our understanding of Law of Attraction. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Love and sparkles! Janny xxx

  4. Isabella says:

    I like that the author is trying to clarify the misconceptions about the Law of Attraction, however, I’m not entirely convinced of the point she’s trying to make. She claims that it’s not thoughts that change our reality, it’s our emotional vibration. I agree, but to an extend. She says, “A thought can recognize what we’re feeling by noticing its emotional manifestation in our body, it can help us to understand it, to contain it, to influence it…all of which is hugely important!” Although all of these things are true, what she fails to mention is that our thoughts CREATE our emotions. Unless we internalize an outside stimuli, we can’t feel anything toward it. Unless of course it’s indirect stimuli such as when we feel someone else’s emotions without them speaking to us. We cannot be unhappy unless we think it so. We cannot be happy unless we think it so. So how do we manifest a positive life for ourselves? Change the way you think! THIS is the “Law of Attraction.” It’s not some metaphysical, supernatural force working in the universe that you have to “tap into,” it’s basic psychology! That’s not to say I don’t believe in metaphysical forces, I most certainly do! This is just not one of them!

    • Janny Juddly says:

      Hey Isabella! I'm 'the author!' Thanks so much for your thoughts on my piece. I think this is all a bit of a muddled minefield, to be honest. The belief that our thoughts create our emotions simply isn't accurate. However, it isn't completely inaccurate, or always inaccurate. Neuroscience simply doesn't bear this out as a pardigm! As adults, if we're skilful, we can reach a place where we can begin to choose the thoughts which will influence our feelings in the way we want. However, it really is a matter of 'influence' and not 'create.' Many people experience emotions without even knowing why, or where they come from. Many of these emotions will have their source buried deep or repressed because the memories they are attached to were painful, unwanted or frightening. It's the fear centre in our brain, the amygdala, which sets off our negative emotions, sometimes in direct response to a thought – which has to be a conscious thought for us to recognise it- but more often in response to an association or memory stimulus which doesn't even register as a thought. Similarly, emotions of webb-being arise from our feeling safe, and not necessarily as a direct result of a thought. If we were to believe that thoughts create emotions, we would have to explain why babies or children who are pre-verbal still experience overwhelming emotion, which can still felt by the adult they become without thought even having been possible. Thinking generally requires language. (Now there's another interesting one!) This is all so complex and interconnected, and I welcome so much your thoughts on this whole subject. However, I think there's more to it than simply holding that our thoughts create our emotions. If they did, and it was as simple as that, everyone would be able to change the way their life felt overnight, wouldn't they? There's so much of which we are unconscious and unaware, and the less aware of it we are, the denser the vibrational frequency. By the way, I never said this was to do with some supernatual force working in the Universe that you have to tap into. Unless you are saying that's what quantum physics is. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a response! Love and sparkles! Janny xxx

  5. Jayasri says:

    Hello Janny, thanks for such an awesome article. I do identify with the girl in your story – I read, think good thoughts but nothing happens. I am so thankful I have come across this post and I can't wait to give it a try. One question – given that our emotions send out our vibration footprint to the universe and that bring back similar stuff back into our lives – how do we feel good then? How do we feel the emotions that attract what we want? Do you have any tips for the same? Thanks.

    • Janny Juddly says:

      Hey Jayasri! So very glad the article resonated with you!Easy answer, through loving where we're at right now! Be happy where you are and The Universe wil bring you more happiness and more joy. Happy manifesting! Love and sparkles! Janny xxx

  6. Jim Riner says:

    Hi Janny, this was indeed an interesting article. I believe that when we think positive, we "see" the positive/good in our lives & more will come our way. But when we think negative, we'll only see the negative/bad/disappointment in our lives and that's all we'll see coming our way. The one think that I disagree with is that your article suggests we're totally dependent upon the vibrations we sent out to the Universe in order for it to respond in our favor. If the Universe/God/Allah/Great Spirit (or whatever term you use) is truly an intelligent source, I can't believe it will look upon someone who's asking for divine intervention and say "well you aren't vibrating your needs correctly so I can't help you". I believe miracles, both large & small, happen every day. I believe if we're thankful for what we have, grateful our situation isn't worse, and (to quote our President) we keep hope alive, the Universe will respond positively to our needs. Perhaps not in the exact manner we want or exactly when we want it, but in a time & way that is best for us.

  7. Noha says:

    Is their any articel for more explaination about empathy and imagination

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