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August 24, 2022

3 Lines & 3 Songs for Our Moments & Seasons of Darkness

Yes. Just three lines and three songs for the darkness that’s swallowing us whole right now.

They’re for instant, fast-acting relief better than most food, sex or our drug of choice can give us. They won’t solve all our problems, true, but that’s not what they’re for.

They’re for the times we feel overwhelmed and overspent, bewildered and broken, angry and alone. They’re for the times we stay in bed for weeks feeling that vague what’s-the-point-of-it-all feeling; numb ourselves with our weight in food, alcohol or drugs and down more pills at the end of our day hoping not to wake up at the start of another.

These are for our black hole sun moments and dark-night-of-the-soul seasons. These are for the times when we feel pretty much like the moon orbiting the earth, navigating a path that allows it to reflect as much light of the sun as it can only to be hidden in shadow at certain angles and intervals.

During these moments and seasons of darkness, we remember and we say, over and over again:

I am a whole moon

shining-hiding Source’s light

The dark’s just a phase

The dark IS just a phase. Light will come again…and we have the choice to fucking go on. We even have the choice not to do this alone.

Let’s not go through our dark phases alone, friends. Let’s help ourselves and ask for help when we need to. Let’s help and encourage each other. Instead of fucking dying on each other, let’s help each other really live while we’re all still here together now.

Because…who says we can’t go dancing in the dark?!

Slow dance or crazy dance with me with these songs:

“Fools,” said I, “you do not know.

Silence like a cancer grows.

Hear my words that I might teach you.

Take my arms that I might reach you.”

But my words, like silent raindrops, fell

and echoed in the wells of silence

Love is a feeling

buried with me in the yard

Gaze at the skyline

under the ocean of stars

This is your slow dance

and this is your chance to transform

Lost to a moment

The moment you confront the storm

This is your ocean, an ocean of night

This is the ocean, your ocean of night

An unforgivable tragedy

The answer isn’t

where you think you’d find it

Prepare yourself for the reckoning

for when your world

seems to crumble again


Don’t be afraid, don’t turn away

You’re the one who can redefine it…

Don’t let hope become a memory

Let the shadow permeate your mind and

reveal the thoughts that were tucked away

so that the door can be opened again…


Within your darkest memories

lies the answer, if you dare to find it

Don’t let hope become a memory…


When you think all is forsaken

Listen to me now (all is not forsaken)

You need never feel broken again

Sometimes, darkness

 can show you the light

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