August 25, 2022

3 Questions to help us befriend our Writer’s Block.

How my Writing Journey Started

Not long ago, I started to walk the path with heart and launched my own blog,
where I share my journey’s story in poems and in prose.
I want my words to be helpful, healing, a bridge of sorts,
for people to feel connected and know they are not alone,
to know that it’s not only possible to heal, but also to achieve growth.
Then, I asked my inner guidance to show me the next step on the road,
my guidance arrived loud and clear, and I joined the Academy on a hunch.

I wanted to write my heart out, to find my own voice,
I was looking forward to a challenge, getting out of my comfort zone,
I desired to deepen my connection, discover, give it all…
Little did I know I was in for all of that, but also much more…

Running into my Writer’s Block

The first assignment came and I felt disconnected, resistant, and lost.
I couldn’t work out what it was, nor what made it wrong.
The topic I wanted to write about and felt connected to at all,
not only affects myself and my husband, but also my beloved son.

It makes me feel something stuck in my throat,
to feel the pain I don’t want to dwell on.
It is the subject of being put down, made fun of, or judged,
for being of a different neurotype than most.

I wrestled with myself whether to write about it or not,
whether it was worth it, or of benefit at all…
Then, I went to bed, yet not finding resolution on my own,
I asked Divine Mind to show me in dreamtime what I needed to know.

Gandalf’s Visit in Dreamland

I dreamed of a faraway land, known to few, long time ago,
where an angel incarnated in human form,
he was old, with a long, white beard, a sorcerer of sorts.

Throughout his journey, he was considered the wisest of all,
he would appear to people wearing a white cloak,
his powers were too many to speak of,
and his counsel and advice, widely sought.

The wise old man called my name with a gentle, yet powerful voice,
and said, “I have come to help you get out of unwanted thoughts,
of the procrastination blocking your progress on the road,
to help you remove your fears and get back on the horse,
to write your heart out, finding and owning your voice.”

I was mystified by the old man, his wise piercing look and white cloak,
and asked him, is it worth to go through the pain to write about it at all?
The wise old man wasn’t having it and knocked me down on my butt,
with a line of inquiry to show me what I needed to know.

The Three Questions

The old man asked me three questions to ponder and respond.
Firstly, he asked, “Is it true the topic you want to write on?”
I responded, “Yes, it is true, whether I like it or not…”

“Then,” the old man added, “what is your intention to write about it at all?”
I said, “To voice a call for action, to create change in the world…”
The wise old man looked at me again, and asked the last question of the lot:
“Can you not see the benefit then, that not writing about it would be absurd?
For how can you change something that is not spoken of?”

The wise old man continued on, “Sometimes the pain that hurts us,
the pain we want to forget, forsake, and avoid,
becomes the middle path, the bridge that nurses us
back to life to find new meaning and fill the void.”

“Don’t be afraid when fear knocks on your door,
for it is a messenger that brings awareness and informs,
for once you are aware of it, it no longer controls you,
and, with detachment you can lose the tight grip and let it go…”

Befriending my Writer’s Block

I woke up from my dream in a bit of a daze and shock
I could still hear the wise old man’s voice…
The impact of his advice, the power behind his words
brought me back to center, reconnected me to source!

I felt re-energized, and convinced to carry on,
I wrote my heart out and connected to my soul,
befriended my fears, published my piece, feeling proud of it all.
I felt grateful for the wise old man, who encouraged me to go on!

This is not the end of the story though!
for a surprise ensued in week two of the Academy’s course,
when I was introduced to the writer’s block,
as I realized this is what I went through before,
the prior obstacle I encountered on the road…

Even more so, when the class compared it to a wizard, a wise and friendly force,
I knew it was Gandalf, who visited me in dreamtime and therefore,
it was Gandalf’s wise and friendly voice,
the one that helped me befriend my writer’s block,
and write my heart out despite of it all!

A Call for Action to Befriend Our Writer’s Block

Next time we find ourselves meeting our writer’s block,
let’s remember the three questions Gandalf asked me earlier on,
If our answer is a resounding “yes” to all the questions above,
then, let us think of the beneficial impact that will be lost
by not befriending our fear, resistance, and writer’s block.

It may take us time, being in silence, or going out for a walk,
but, rest assured, that once we set our intention, and let go,
we’ll be, in no time, and once again, back on the horse.

So, let us not despair dear friends, nothing to worry at all.
When writer’s block comes to visit, let us remember it’s no foe.
Instead, let us see it as Gandalf, a wise and friendly force,
just taking us for a walk to reflect and pause,
to find renewed juices of creativity, and musings thereof,
and helping us write our heart out and be of benefit to all.

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