August 30, 2022

The Yummy “Bedtime Accessory” that’s giving me Ab-Crunching “O”s. {Adult, Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Je Joue—they’re dedicated to sexual pleasure and empowerment. We’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

G doesn’t mark the spot. No, it’s much bigger, much more alluring than that.

G, it turns out, marks an entire zone—a space where sensational orgasms can be sparked at different landmarks sensuously sprinkled across the wide open range of what we’ll call the G-region, depending on our unique inner topography.

Because ladies, the G-spot, zone (or whatever you wanna call it) is actually just the larger and lesser-known portion of your clitoris.

Yep! That sweet little bean is only 10 percent of the whole pasture of pleasure that lies within you, wanton for discovery.

Pleasure can be found all over the proverbial map. So, let’s take a journey to the ancient Mediterranean. Here, it’s hot, hot, hot, and the fascination with phalluses is real.

It’s also here that the Grecian goddess Hera and Roman goddess Juno came to be worshiped as the goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth in their respective religions and cultures—and were understood to be the queen of heaven.

In ancient mythology, Hera and Juno are one in the same, just by a different name, and that’s why the orgasm aficionados at Je Joue decided to name two of their most recent adult toy delicacies after the deities: their effects are simply heavenly.

I just added these two buzzing beauties to my ever-expanding treasure trove of toys. And believe me when I say that when I first added Je Joue to my desire drawer, it was essentially the Trojan Horse to my former population of chintzy pleasure-driven purchases; they’re dead to me.

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Come like a Queen & Discover your inner G-Spot Goddess.

When we think of goddesses, we likely think of a unique combination of beauty, fierceness, sensuality, and power—and the electricity that is generated during the interplay between those traits.

Imagine all that tension and power wrapped up in a sex toy, and you’ve got Hera and Juno. And just like the true Greek and Roman goddesses, although Hera and Juno seem to be the same deity and do indeed share important similarities (we’ll talk about those amazing features in a sec), they’re definitely…

As different as their individual names…


If you’re familiar with the adult toy world, you might recognize Hera to be a rabbit by another name, and you might thus assume that dual orgasm is Hera’s game. And you’d be correct.

But Hera isn’t just any rabbit. She’s the rabbit, reinvented—the goddess-ified version of the blessed buzzing bunny.

Unlike those other rabbits with clumsy, slappy rubber ears, or a dolphin nose darting toward your clit, and rotating plastic pearls, Hera’s sleekly designed “rabbit ears” are shaped more like a broad thumb to add clitoral pressure, while the internal arm (aka the shaft) is contoured to reach most people’s G-spot with pin-pointed pleasure and a comfortably spongy-tip that mimics the real thing.

Hera Flex takes it one step further and allows you to contour a customized curve—because no two bodies are the same and the G-Zone is located in a different area in everyone. Besides, “the zone” is made up of a variety of pleasurable organs like the back of the clitoris, erectile tissue, and the skene’s gland which can fill up and “squirt,” or ejaculate.

And in that way, Hera’s the honorable hero of the rabbit vibe world since she empowers us to do just that.

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A little personal review?

Personally, I’ve never been one for internal vibration. There’s always been something distracting about it. But when I pressed Hera Flex’s buttons, she pressed mine right back—in all the right ways.

First of all, one setting transferred vibration to just the rabbit ears (and yet another adjusted to vibration in—you guessed it—just the tip). Exploring from my usual comfort zone sans internal stim allowed me to get my creative, um, juices flowing as I adjusted Hera Flex’s bendy body to just the right angle for me, which allowed the delicious external ears to apply the perfect amount of pleasure.

Finally, I got “brave” and shifted into another of Hera Flex’s five speeds and seven vibration modes to test out dual vibration, experiment with simultaneous inner and outer clitoral stimulation, and see what this toy was really all about.

Yeah, that was it. Game over. I came. The jittery kind that goes beyond the leg wobble, but extends into what is essentially a small set of orgasm-activated abdominal crunches. The kind that makes your ears ring a little. Whew!

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We can trace dildos back to the ancient times where they were found to have been made of stone by cave-dwellers. However, technology has advanced a bit since then.

Juno is a curved G-Spot wand. Ultimately, it’s a dildo shaped for stimulating the G-spot, which, if you’re curious, is usually 1.5 inches inside the vagina on the front wall facing your belly button.

Spend some time exploring your G-Spot using Juno’s tip to massage it and the rest of the internal vaginal wall. The A-Spot or Anterior Fornix, P-Spot or Posterior Fornix, and C-Spot or Cervix all have a plethora of nerve endings ready to be relished.

And if you should know that most G-Spot dildos don’t do the trick for you, just like Hera has her flexible alter-ego, so does Juno, with Juno Flex, which you can bend like Beckham to your “bedtime” bliss.

Curl up with a G-Spot wand that makes your every bendy desire *come* true. Use EJ30 for 30% OFF >>

But the flexible options of both Juno and Hera aren’t the only thing the two share in common. Just like Hera and Juno are the same goddess under a different name, there’s more…

Where the duo are one in the same

Hera and Juno are both intimately designed with your body in mind. Their silky smooth silicone creates a luscious slide into the beginnings of ecstasy as we run our fingers along its surface and prepare to fill ourselves and the upcoming moments with pleasure.

Their sleek design and unique coloring makes them a gorgeous feast for the eyes (fitting for a goddess of a sex toy) and creates a sense of luxury literally at our fingertips.

And most importantly—the power and sexy static that builds up right before the big mOment is particularly potent with Hera and Juno. Je Joue’s unique, rumbly, low-frequency dual motor technology (featured in every Je Joue vibrator) puts your finger quite literally on the pulse of your pleasure and, with Hera Flex and Juno Flex, directs that magic exactly where you want to feel the current coursing through the deepest of your clitoral nerve endings.

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If that sort of experience sounds something like a myth straight out of the pages of the Iliad or the Odyssey or just plain ol’ fantasy to you, allow me to get real for a sec:

I have no fewer than eight Je Joue vibrators in my nightstand drawer, and the rechargeable batteries in many of them are often dead. No, that’s not because of any faulty manufacturing. In fact, their battery life is actually rather spectacular.

The batteries are so often dead because Je Joue toys are always the first I reach for in the treasure chest (specifically my Mimi Soft). I know that their vibration will offer me the rumbly, slow-building crescendo of an orgasm that I desire with a nice, steady come down. That effect is just not something I’ve found with other more, shall we say, zippy (albeit still high-quality) toys.

So, I believe it’s safe to say, these guys are more legend than myth.

I come to Je Joue, when I really want to savor me time or partnered play. Y’know—the times I really want to feel like a goddess, completely enveloped in pleasure and earthly, fleshy delight.

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“Just take a minute & catch the vibe.”

...to borrow from Boyz II Men's "Vibin'." After all, these'll make it so you "don't [want to] stop until the break of day."


Play with dual stimulation.
This take on the classic rabbit vibrator once deemed the Rolls Royce of "personal massagers" is now truly worthy of that title with a sleek design that's built for the smoothest...ride. This is what luxury feels like with G-Spot penetration on the inside, and clitoral stimulation on the outside.
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