August 10, 2022

The Lion’s Gate Meditation that Rekindled the Flame within my Soul.

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I believe there’s a power within each of us that can be used for good.

Some of us learn how to harness our power at a young age. But for most of us, we’re just now awakening to our power. To our connection to Source. To our inner strength.

Here’s something my inner strength taught me recently:

I’m a healer.

I have discovered my gift to heal myself through meditative walks in the woods behind my house. Nature, it turns out, connects me to my power, to my inner wisdom. When I feel lost, I return—into the woods. This is my healing practice.

In these quiet moments, my inner knowing speaks to me.

It has taken me some time to slow down and be fully present with my inner wise woman, but I now find her in the sparkle of divinely woven spider webs, in the rays of abundant light upon the canopies, in the dance of emerald leaves waving in the wind as if to say, “Sweet sister, won’t you come join us?”

It is in these moments that I have tuned inward and learned I am not just here to heal myself—I am here to heal others. To be of service to the world, as a healer.

And yet, here’s a third truth:

I believe this power has been asleep within me for years. Perhaps generations.

Fortunately, this Leo season, I am waking up to my power. I am feeling energy flow through my body for the first time in a long time. I am using my voice and learning how to channel it in positive directions. I am receiving light codes from the universe guiding me toward greater awakening, greater consciousness of being. The opening of the Lion’s Gate, a phenomenon I only just recently discovered, has illuminated the way.

Here’s what happened and how you can tap into this powerful energy, too:

On the auspicious date of August 8th—when the magical, galactic energy being transmitted via the Lion’s Gate portal is most potent—I optimistically made my way in a familiar direction on the trails, listening to a Lion’s Gate playlist on Spotify and receiving its energetic vibrations. Suddenly, a new meditation came online, just as I was choosing a path on the trail that had brought me inner peace and wisdom before. I smiled and took a moment to be fully present with the words. Listening to their guidance, I observed my breath. I slowed down, moved to stillness, and stood before an opening with trees surrounding me in every direction, the sun beaming down on my back.

What happened next would leave me in tears.

As I stood there in stillness, I felt called to turn toward the sun. To open my heart and my arms and to receive the light.

Here are the words I received:

“Wisdom codes held within the light enter into your heart. Allow these codes to strengthen and nourish your own heart, bringing firmness to your will, spiritual grace into your life, and higher understanding to guide your way.

These blessings of Sirius through the heart of Isis signify a new cycle. They are the oracle of your abundant alchemical uprising in grace.

The portend of your rebirth, through the heart.”

It may sound wild but in that moment, I felt my soul be reborn. I felt my body shed its snake-like skin and stand, vulnerable and exposed, before the light. I felt its healing powers wash over me and cleanse my newborn skin.

Tears rolling down my face purged me of the pain I held within my heart—some of it not even mine to carry. “Let it go,” I heard. “Release.”

I felt my legs begin to tremble like a fawn, minutes new to the world and unsure of how to stand tall. I took a deep breath…and I held out my arms. Firming my stance, I claimed my power like the lioness I am. “I am ready,” I said.

“Take this light and use it for good. It is yours.”

I bowed. I received. I gave thanks.

I claim this day as my new beginning.

It is the rekindling of the flame within my soul. The start of my next chapter. The chapter where my soul gets to live its most abundant, joyful life.

With you, my fellow wanderers and healers, as my witness, I make a commitment to stand in my power. To use my gifts to be of service to others. To heal myself and to heal this world.

Below is the meditation that brought me home. Should you so choose, it is there for you to experience your own awakening. I hope it helps you claim your most abundant, joyful life for your soul.

May your soul be free to experience the wisdom of your heart.

Sending love and healing, friends.

Goddess Isis: Blessings From Our Star Mother of Alchemical Uprising (Meditation)

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