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August 24, 2022

What Philanthropy Looks Like Over the Holidays | Maribeth Jezek

When anyone thinks about giving and philanthropy, what comes to their mind? For many Americans, a disadvantaged, homeless person begging for change on the street comes to mind. The holidays are a great time to give back and help those in need. But not everyone can do so. Some people can’t afford to give to charity or volunteer their time during the holidays. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help at all.

No matter their financial situation, there are plenty of ways they can contribute to the greater good this season. Whether it’s a donation to a local food bank, a shelter, or a gift to a favorite charity, helping others will help them feel good about their holiday spirit.

They’ve probably heard that giving isn’t just about the money. One can contribute in a variety of ways this season. As highlighted below, there are many ways to give back during the holidays.

Giving to Charity

One can donate money to an organization doing good work in their community. Find a local charity to donate to, or check out organizations working in a society that needs assistance. Another popular way to give back during the holidays is to sponsor a child. If they’d like to help a child in need — whether a local family or student — do a sponsored child. This is a great way to brighten the holiday season for a child in need. Plus, many different organizations can help them find the right fit. One can also donate to a children’s program.

Gift a Meal

A hungry body is a disappointed body, and giving a meal can mean a lot to someone in need. Find a local food bank and donate food to help those in need during the holidays. This can provide an excellent source of happiness for those who are less fortunate. Plus, they can do something good for themselves by helping their community during the holidays. Food banks can provide various types of food for those in need throughout the community.

Give a Toy or Game

For children, holiday gifts can be a much-needed source of joy. But for some children, it can be not easy to come by the happiness they deserve. A toy or game can be a great gift to any child during the holiday season. Different organizations organize toy drives to help provide gifts for children in need. One can also find other local charities that provide toys for children in need.

Gift a Book

Local libraries can collect new and gently-used books and distribute them to the public. They can also find many ways to donate books to local libraries, including online book donations. With so many people worldwide lacking access to books, this is a great way to help democratize knowledge.

The holidays are a great time to give back to a community and help those in need. One can help those in their community by volunteering at a local food bank, or help children in need by donating books to a local library, or donating to a nearby local charity.

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