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September 20, 2022

4 Ways to Build a Strong Bond with your Family

Family is everything to me. With such a selfless family that is supportive and loving there is no doubt that I’d have a strong bond. However, the truth is, no matter how our parents and siblings are, we need to love them no matter what. I don’t just love my family at their best, but I love them at their worst. Love is what helps me have a strong bond with my loved ones at all times.

It is my responsibility to do everything I can to be the peacemaker of my family. When things get tough, to forgive and forget the bad times. Our heart is bigger than our problems!

So give yourself another chance! Let’s release ourselves from the stress and tension from being concerned about our loved ones and not breaking any ties. There are many things you can do. I know that sometimes many unnecessary things are said or done by family members and it can be really frustrating. However, there’s always a positive solution out there! Everything takes time.

Remember, our parents come after God. The easiest way to heaven is under our mother’s feet, so let’s sort this out and make our lives better!

  1. Say a special prayer

There is power in a prayer, wish, or kind positive thought towards someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re not religious, it works if you care. If you believe in love, you believe in God, so feed your spirit and say a prayer. Prayers teach us humility and kindness. Being spiritual is more religious than being religious and prideful.

There’s freedom of religion, so choose to believe in love. Whatever you practice, remember to practice love. Let go of holding grudges against someone, or else your prayers won’t work. Seeking revenge is delighting in evil, which is not good for our souls! So bless up and learn to bless others as well.

It doesn’t matter what religion you’re in. It doesn’t take much to say a prayer for someone. All it takes is a good heart and mind. You’ll feel so happy when you see that your simple prayer actually makes a big difference for your family. When families pray together, they come together. They can feel each other’s love for one another even if words aren’t said or done to each other. Sometimes, a prayer is the biggest sign that shows how much you care about someone.

However, the question we all ask ourselves is how do we pray? What do we say that will magically happen and turn situations around?

Well, remember, you don’t always need the perfect words when you pray for someone you love. God knows what is in your heart. Just say whatever comes across your mind, and if you feel too tired to have the right words, remember God will answer whatever is calling from your heart. Some people pray but their heart isn’t into the prayer although their words sound very nice. We have to mean it. In other words, both the soul and heart has to be into work to make it happen.

I believe in the power of a prayer and I know that God helps everyone. Remember, every hardship is a blessing in disguise. You may think man why is it good people suffer? Why don’t they get their reward in this life? The truth is its life! Good people don’t have much, but they will always find happiness in the little things in the end. That’s God’s miracle! We find happiness in each other, and to us that’s all that we need to get through.

When my grandmother was in the hospital, all I could do was pray for her. I wasn’t alone, my whole family and I got together for her. She recovered in a miracle and fought a heart surgery. She was one of the sweetest patients in the hospital she was admitted to. Seeing her get better and finally be able to do everything like normal was a blessing. Prayers do have answers, and if we think it doesn’t, it’s because God’s plan is bigger than our own.

2. Talk things through when everyone is in a good mood

When everyone looks a bit calmer and more relaxed, then it’s the best time to talk things out. Then, you can take time to discuss whatever it is you need to get out of your chest! You can do this privately or with each individual together.

Take the time to apologize, forgive yourself, and forgive each other. It’s only complicated because we all have our own opinions and beliefs, but when we talk it out, its better. Remember, we’re humans of course it’s going to be complicated! Forgiveness for ourselves is only easy when we think of how God forgave us already. That’s why we forgive each other, because we’re not perfect but yet still God is forgiving. There is nothing we do that is unforgiveable if we are genuinely sorry from the heart. It’s only unforgivable when we hurt each other intentionally and continue it over and over again.

Love will always prevail. A home is not a home without our loved ones in it. Happiness comes from the best kind of relationships, and that is with the ones that are dear to us. To have a happy home, we have to have a strong bond with each other, especially our families. If we all do this, the world will become a better place.

After all issues are discussed, break the ice! Say a joke, talk about whatever you did during the day, and just have a laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and brings us even more closely.

If discussing the issue and coming up with a solution is making it worse, just distract and divert the conversation. Focus on positive things and positive feelings that will strengthen the relationship when this happens.  Of course it’s good to talk things out, but when everyone is in a good mood, it’s easier to apologize. Then we can move on to advancing the relationship.

3.  Do something fun together

What brings you and your family together? Is it having a movie night? How about a game night? There’s nothing better than having a blast with the ones that matter the most, your loved ones. It’s time to focus on what is right and real, your family.

Me and my mom painted a birdhouse together and we will be doing Zumba this week! Which I don’t regret doing because it’s so much fun. It feels good to do things that release endorphins in the brain as well. Doing healthy activities creates a healthy relationship in the long run. Painting for example, is vibrant and fills the mind with happy thoughts! I also think game night is a great idea because the whole family gets to engage together to play. Some people like doing certain things in their home with their family, and some like going out, I suggest both. A little bit of balance is really important because it creates a special bonding time.

As long as we don’t forget to be grateful of our own home we can do things outside of it. There are so many ideas, so be creative and invent some plans together with your loved ones if you haven’t! We have to make the best with what we have.

Me and my family went to Alaska together, and the whole nature scenery made us cry in happiness. It was such a breathtaking and stunning view to see but most importantly, it drew us even closer. It reminded us that we are a part of the beauty of this world. It’s there for us, and life is too short to not appreciate the good things in this world. Therefore, do amazing things with the amazing people in your life. You’ll make memories and cherish them in the end.

3. Do things for each other

What’s something special you have done for your loved ones lately? I know everyone has a wonderful heart and does so many amazing things in honor of their family. Whether it’s something so small like giving a hug, smiling, and doing some chores, this can make a difference. It’s good to start small and then gradually get into something big like cooking to honor our family!

I like writing poems and reading them to my loved ones. I know that reading a poem to my loved ones feels like the whole world is happy for me. I also love to help my mother with cooking to practice when I do cook for everyone around me. My mother’s recipes are something I don’t ever want to forget so I make sure to write them down. I also love to take my mother out and buy her clothes like she is my own special best friend.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you do it.

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