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September 16, 2022

Behind the Scenes and Discomfort is

Behind the scenes is the most gifting place you’ll ever experience or witness.

Recently I was working with Michelle (Asana) from  She had a photographer and he was taking photos of us naked. He had actually edited a few of the workouts I had filmed for @audriasana nude.  I said you must already know me. He said actually I do not know you at all. I am honored to have seen you and edited your work but even more happy to get to know you and spend time with you.
This was powerful, as the world thinks they know you when they see you online or in your skin. However the truth is we only know someone when we spend time with them. The skin we are in and what we see of each other online is only a facade of them and generally a made up story we project onto them from our own beliefs.
The reality is the grass does not stop growing if you do not watch it grow. Also the grass will not grow if the world or a gardener does not fertilize and tend to it with light, water and nutrients etc. People also do not evolve to where they are without hard work behind the scenes even if we do not witness it, it still exists.
In an online world that spreads the messages of instant gratification, growth in 30 days to achieve postures and results that could take a decade and numbers are joy but are not. Do not forget that if this was the case we’d all have the results. However, truth be told only by the work behind the scenes being truly done or meeting a person behind the scenes do we truly get the results or know them.
My belief is that in a world of knowing it is not about knowing what to do it is about having the discipline to do it that creates the difference between those that make things happen and those that do not.  The truth is nobody wakes up every day and feels motivated, knows what to do or has the answers. Humans are wired for comfort and ease in the long term.  However in a world where self love is bubble baths and have money to buy yourself all you need.  I think of self love as self discipline to create the life you always dream of and do the work even when nobody is watching and knowing discomfort is a gift to yourself that helps you evolve and grow. You see none of us are stuck because we lack motivation or someone had it easy. We are stuck because we lack the ability to do the work and make the right choices. Our decisions and when we decide to do things even though we lack knowledge or motivation is the swelling of inspiration. This feeling is something growth and success generates, not what generates productivity.
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