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September 27, 2022

Spiritual Growth Requires Being Open to New Ideas

I am always delighted to have deep conversations with people about the meaning of life, why are we here? and most profoundly, what’s the point? I found my answers when my wife Susan and I founded Body of 9 over 10 years ago. It isn’t a coincidence that part of my Natural Purpose is to remind people that there is a spiritual component to their reality, an idea that isn’t always easy to accept.

When conversations turn to spirituality, I typically hear four different viewpoints. There are those who aren’t looking, and never were, there are those who were looking and have found their answer so have stopped looking, there are those who have not found any answer yet even though they are searching, and there are those that have found answers but keep looking.

For those of you that are looking for answers, or looking for ‘more’, I don’t have the answers but I do have some possibilities that might be new ideas for you. Connecting to one’s Natural Purpose, and integrating that with your life’s purpose is a personal journey. These suggestions might make that journey easier and more fun. It doesn’t have to be hard; pain isn’t required for gain. All that is required is staying open to possibilities/new ideas.

I am naturally driven to keep learning, a trait that isn’t consciously shared by everyone, so allow me to share my insights based on my experience of finding my Natural Purpose and the universe’s encouragement to offer my understanding.

We come into this world through the miracle of life. If you get the opportunity to gaze into the eyes of a newborn, for the first few days and weeks you can feel their connection to source, spirit, or God. Then as children, we start to believe in magic, our own and the universes. Fairly soon we realize that there’s no Tooth Fairy, nor Santa Claus. Our connection to our personal magic is ridiculed to destruction.

The first new idea/possibility I will present is – Don’t Disbelieve. Any connection to Spirituality is based on this simple choice. If you practice not disbelieving you will begin re-connecting back to your true magical self. Remembering and reconnecting to the magic you thought you could do as a child, things like the imaginary friend, knowing what people feel, seeing, or feeling energy is the first step to recovering your magic. Accepting there is a spiritual, non-physical part of reality makes your journey lighter. Expanding your connection to the Universe gives you access to support and information that’s not available in this physical realm if you don’t disbelieve it.

The second new idea is to stay open to your Spiritual Nature. When I was 12 years old, I had my first connection to something non-physical. It wasn’t scary, actually, the communication was reassuring. I’d been attending Sunday school for years and didn’t associate this connection with a particular religion, but it was clearly not part of my body. It would be a long 30 years before I was ready to claim my connection to my Natural Purpose, however.

I spent most of my career in Silicon Valley. On the occasions I’d attend the woo-woo festivals and have palm readings, their message was consistent, “You are a teacher of healers’. A strange pronouncement for a Software Development Engineering Manager, I wasn’t yet open to that idea, I wasn’t open to my spirituality at all.

In 2007 I suddenly felt driven to reconnect to my spirituality, it was a physical sensation, an urge ‘Martin – it’s time”. I attended a number of local churches, but nothing felt right, and the guidance was very clearly “this isn’t the path for you”. Clearly, and verbally. Remember don’t disbelieve. This was when I realized that there’s a lot more that we don’t know than we know.

This leads me to my next new idea– Listen to YOU. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your body. Listen to your guides (but ignore their negativity if that happens). Listen to your Soul. These internal interactions are very very quiet, but they are there. Your wisdom takes input from outside you, but your body, mind, and spirit are constantly offering you guidance and support.

And thence the fourth new idea – Accept that we don’t and won’t know everything. It isn’t necessary or possible to have all the answers. That’s not why we are here. Enjoy what you know, learn what you want to, and connect to those you’ve agreed to share this life’s experiences.

This leads to the fifth new idea– find your Tribe.

I found my tribe through the universe’s standard guidance of a series of coincidences. Re-connecting to one of my best friends from 13 years in the past, being accepted into her tribe, and annually experiencing one of the most tribal events, Burning Man, revealed my purpose and made sense of the palm reader’s message.

Burning man is an intense art show, music festival, and experiment in non-transactional lifestyle in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. The level of focused spirituality there is the most overlooked benefit of the experience. I have been 5 times, and each time magic! The first concept “don’t Disbelieve” first surfaced there and I don’t dis-believe anymore. Burning Man is a crucible of possibilities of new ideas and possibilities.

My final new idea– Speak out. Your voice is important to the world, teaching is a wonderful way to learn, no one else knows what you know, has your experiences, and has your wisdom. If you feel something is important, it is yours to raise. Others most likely do not see or feel what you do.

This brings me full circle. There are nine different ways humanity shows up. Nine Natures with 7 billion Nurtures. Your journey is uniquely yours, and most other people’s answers will not work for you. If you want to keep growing, perhaps to heal inter-generational trauma, to make your contribution to humanity’s evolution, or just because that’s what you feel called to do, stay open to, and even add your own new ideas.

I am the Co-Founder of Body of 9, we research, teach and promote the discovery that there are nine physiological centers in our body, one of which is born active. This active center we call our Natural Number, and it shapes our physical and sensorial reality. It is the ‘nature’ in the ‘nature versus nurture’ aspect of our development.

Understanding your Natural Number, learning what part of you is your nature and what comes from your nurture helps you understand the gifts and skills inherent to your being. The context Body of 9 offers will help you explore new ideas as possibilities with more clarity.  The practices offered by Body of 9 will empower you on your journey.  To find out more visit


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