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September 30, 2022

Traits of successful entrepreneurs. Do something and don’t try to be somebody

Most successful entrepreneurs focus on effort and not outcomes. They also focus on making others successful as they know that this is the best way to build their own success as well. Most successful leaders don’t try to be somebody impressive, but they focus on doing something impressive.

If we analyze successful entrepreneurs further, we find that they don’t try doing everything themselves, but they delegate, they automate and outsource a lot. Successful entrepreneurs tend to recruit people with complementary skills, and they have surrounded themselves with people they like to have around.

Another trait of successful entrepreneurs, particularly in early-stage companies (companies which are highly likely to fail), is that the leadership is emotionally intelligent. This means that the C-suit is very self and socially aware, and they are effective at placing team members in positions they can problem solve and shine. Those leaders tend to be good listener,and good coaches as they understand that a happy team is a more successful and ultimately profitable one.

Building something exceptional is simpler if you don’t do it alone
Effective start up leaders, and women are more effective at this, ask themselves “Who has the services, capabilities, or skill sets that my clients need?” When your business does not have the capabilities, skill sets, or resources, or if someone else can provide a better result than your company can, CEOs look at their network to see who they can join forces with to deliver a better service.  This can only happen if your leadership is Ego-free and you see other companies, including your competitors as a source of value to build the exceptional product you aim to build. Ultimately, exceptional results require exceptional flexibility, to ensure that each decision makes you a little  better and more attractive to your consumer base.

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