September 12, 2022

We look to blame the stars, the moon—anything but Us.

We look to blame the stars instead of detoxifying our lawns or doing our dishes or laundry. We look to blame the moon instead of taking accountability right here.

It’s no more an excuse than blaming our temper on a traffic jam.

Hopefully, whether we’re self-declared Empaths or no, we’re all foundationally empathetic, caring for ourselves and others, not seeking to avoid them while labeling those who give us a hard time narcissists or toxic. Some may be narcissistic… and that may include us..!


I get it: these are scary times. Getting caught up in stress and fear and partisan rancor is no good. But ignoring our world is no good, too. The answer, here: support and be supported by mindful independent media. Forget the rest. Subscribe free to our newsletter: elephantjournal.com/best ?

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After a good deep long needed breath, we’re ready to take a wholesome leap into love, and caring—not only for others, but for our sweet selves. We may discover inspiration to invest in ourselves, and our world. ⁠

Vulnerability is true strength, because it opens us up to learning from reality, and ourselves, and others. Rigid-non-listening may look tough, but it never ends joyfully.⁠

We’ve (briefly—today) extended $200 off for those inspired to join Elephant Academy this Fall. If you missed your chance this weekend, you can get your discount at elephantjournal.com/academy for just a little while longer.⁠

For 6 weeks, this Fall, tell your stories, enjoy catharsis, sharpen our ability to connect, practice Maitri (if you don’t know, you’ll love it, literally). We’ll invest in ourselves, and our power to be of benefit. ⁠

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