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September 18, 2022

Your season of replenishment

Sometimes when we have gone past the point of exhaustion, our bodies begin to whisper to us. We try to push through hoping the whispers will stop while we look for quick fixes to build ourselves back up. When all we are doing is attempting to put a plaster on a gaping wound.

Sometimes the fatigue is so consuming that we have to look inside to restore, we may want to replace what replenished us before.

The response we need after intense depletion doesn’t come from a juice fast, 21 days of mediations or a new hobby. When you reach that point of exhaustion in your own mind – this leads to a deeper dive- It asks us to meet the whispering voice. Although meek in its voracity, is terrifying to consider. The wisdom of the whisper knows only our greatest needs, desires and wants. Remining you of what lies beneath the facade of your life.

The whisper is persistent and explains your depletion is because you continue to push through circumstances that are so deeply unaligned from what you desire. Life has dragged you off course to consider too much of th3e minute and irrelevance that has clogged your understanding and knowing.

But the whisper has a plea bargain –

“If you listen and follow me, I will show you your depths. Allow yourself to rest as you realign. This process will offer you great insight. For you see, this fatigue you feel, is a lethargy for your own life. Although your body feels tired, its your soul that is drained of your life and your inability to fulfil your desires and needs.

I have brought you deep inside yourself to offer you rest bite and recovery. Its time to start the revival of your life! But now on your terms, without the conditioning you have accepted from the world. The mainstream does not need to approve. Why do you seek permission from those that have not lived your life?

Rest from the expectations and guilt. Rest from the should and fast pace of life. Begin to fuel your soul, fuel your desire and forge your path. Your dread of the mundane and “normal” is the flag in the ground for you to follow. To follow in the unfamiliar, the joy, the oath unknown. Rest and reflection are the only way to re-join your path. Reviewing what serves and deserves a place in your future. Contemplation, evaluation and disengagement from your life ad you know it.

Where I’m guiding you will require great honesty from you. A time of recognition and determination to rediscover your desire for life. To start your season of replenishment, start with opportunities to realign with your purpose and wants. Allowing some of your path to crumble to make way for the new.

Go inside now- to the depths of who you are, it’s time to reconnect with your soul, your unique talents and strengths. It’s time to expose yourself to the raw, limitless opportunities of life. This depletion is a gift of recovery. Use it now and I will stay nearby to guide you. My gentle reminders and nudges will become louder if you verge of the path again. Listen now to my whispers and redeem your gift.”

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