October 11, 2022

Angela Lansbury dies just shy of 97.

RIP, Angela—just shy of 97 years old, you’ve inspired generations with your heart.

You may be surprised…to find out how much folks idolize and look up to and learn from this Grand Dame of theater and TV and cartoon classics and movies.


Angela Lansbury, I was watching your Jessica Fletcher just last night.

You have been such an example to me of class, of kindness, of independence, of humor, of toughness—you were the grandma we never had (even if we had a wonderful grandma!) for so many of us.

During the pandemic your old show (that I’d last watched with my mom, when I was a boy) became a sort of comforting fun retro refuge, a whodunnit that eased stress into comfort and your example, in all the little and big ways, of ethics, humor, grace, leadership, independence, equality, toughness, and kindness continues to inspire me, every time I watch.



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Read 6 comments and reply

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