October 13, 2022

6 Yung Pueblo Quotes that Perfectly Sum Up Healthy Relationships.


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Healthy relationships involve many successful factors.

For a relationship to be healthy, there has to be honesty. There has to be compromise. There has to be presence. There have to be many things that will continuously bring partners together, instead of away from each other.

If we look closer, we realize that at the core of every healthy trait—such as respect, openness, or understanding—lies emotional maturity.

EQ is simply our ability to successfully manage our emotions and use them to resolve our problems—everything that we basically need to make our romantic relationships work, right? Without emotional maturity, we won’t be able to properly handle our (or our partner’s) emotions.

We might revert to unhealthy dynamics that will ultimately destroy our relationships. Anger, blame, misunderstanding, judgement, defensiveness, selfishness, or inadequate communication skills are all signs of emotional immaturity.

Yung Pueblo has always written about this topic. He explains that connection or chemistry are not enough to sustain our romantic relationships. If we want a healthy relationship, we need to assess the emotional readiness of our partner. We need to know how they handle their emotions. Are they scared of them? Do they even know they exist? Are they ready for the ups and downs and how will they react in unprecedented events?

Love is all about building the right emotional foundation.

Here are six quotes that perfectly sum it up:

1. “Even if the connection is strong, is there enough emotional maturity between the two of you to build a home together? Do your levels of commitment to expanding self awareness and healing past patterns match? This is not about perfection, this is about being ready to embrace growth.”


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2. “It is not about finding a partner who is fully healed, it is about finding someone who is not afraid of their emotions. A person who does not suppress what they feel and can gently be present to their inner ups and downs will have a foundation of emotional maturity.”


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3. “If connection alone were enough, there would be no breakups. Connection needs nourishment from the both of you cultivating emotional maturity and self-awareness. When you can each embrace personal growth, you create a home spacious and flexible enough for real love.”


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4. “The connection brings you together, but the emotional maturity is what makes it work.”


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5. “Throw away the idea that having a connection with someone is enough. Even if you two click, you cannot build with someone who is not ready to do their part. If they show signs of being emotionally unprepared and lack self-awareness, then harmony and authentic interactions will be scarce.”


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6. “You cannot build a deep connection with someone who is disconnected from themselves.”


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