October 28, 2022

Taurus Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: A Time to Root Deeper & Rise Higher. {November 8}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


We are officially in eclipse season, a season of astrological significance and potency, one that draws a lot of heat, spotlight, and air time in the collective spiritual conversation on the planet.

We had the first of two eclipses on October 25 in the deep water sign of Scorpio, alongside a new moon. This deeply felt energy initiated a process of powerful inner exploration and excavation. Scorpio energy is never easy energy to work with, though, for many of us who have a lot of fear and resistance patterns around facing the shadows and what needs to be alchemized and let go of. Our human minds don’t do so well dwelling in the darkness of our own subconscious minds, without ample compassion, curiosity, and radical acceptance for whatever is being stirred up in our being.

Scorpio season has brought a whole lot of depth, darkness, shadows, and things previously skated over and avoided to be seen with really nowhere to run or hide from. Because we truly can’t outrun our own selves or hide away from what is being shown. We can try and try and try, but Scorpio season shows us in the elevated discomfort of our escapism mechanisms that aren’t really working anymore anyways what needs to shift and be transformed into higher levels of consciousness.

Scorpio energy highlights the fears we must be willing to face without turning away, and knowing by facing them, it’s no longer a shadow or faceless monster hiding underneath the bed. Does it mean the fears magically disappear? Perhaps not, but maybe by turning our eyes and hearts toward our fears, they lose power to dominate our lives, emotions, and choices. And by turning toward them, we call our power back into our sovereign energy fields and hearts—back from anything or anyone we’ve handed our power or fears over to.

Scorpio brings the moodiness and the intensity—the roller-coaster ride, the internal emotional storm. It can feel dark, desolate, hopeless, complex, and fruitless swimming in the underworld of Plutonian-ruled Scorpio energy. Without the light of the heart and hope of consciousness to shift the intensity, we may feel cast out at sea, left to our own devices and demise. We feel without the love—without the love of our own souls even. We wonder, where did the light go?

This energy in Scorpio has been intense. And many of us are feeling the edges of our own darkness, perhaps being thrown fully into it some days, reminded of our own inner self-saboteur, our own inner negative reels, our own inner negative loops, our own inner self-rejection spirals, our own inner doom and gloom, all-hope-is-lost hypnosis.

Thank goodness we have some earthy, keep-it-simple and come-back-up-for-air energy in Taurus coming our way to remind our bodies and beings that they are safe and held even in the darkness of thought and belief. That there is hope still and always. That a new dawn shall rise. That the future need not be tainted by the scars and gremlins of the past. That even in the pain of change, even in the ache of transformation, our souls are here, in these bodies, reminding us to come back to our innate sense of wholeness and value as love-centered beings.

We will be aided in this energy with a full moon and lunar eclipse landing on November 8, at 6:02 p.m. EST at 16 degrees of the fixed earth sign of Taurus. This is the second of the eclipses to continue the conversation of change, transformation, forward movement, and inner and outer explorations to free us up to walk less encumbered with the weight of the past dragging us down, with less weight bearing down on our shoulders and hearts.

Eclipse energy is no magic fix. In fact, there is no magic cure. No magic medicine or fix for our own humanity. Because maybe our humanity was never anything to be fixed in the first place. Maybe our bodies and emotions were never broken. Even in sensing of the waves of physical or emotional balance, maybe in that, too, there is wisdom—not brokenness.

That the only placebo we ever truly needed to be free of the pain and suffering was the belief in ourselves as anything but miraculous beings, fully equipped with the innate healing and love we ever needed to alchemize the darkness, by first sitting with and embracing the shadows of our own unconscious patterning—because we all have that. We all have unconscious programs running our minds and bodies. We all have patterns of addiction—to thought, emotions, suffering, substance of perceived comfort—but truly held in captivity by them, ruled over, power handed over to. No one gets a free pass in our own humanity.

This Scorpio energy opposing the sun has been showing us the skeletons in the closet, the fears, the worries, the “please anything but this again.” Where we have handed our power over to fear to rule our hearts and govern our beings. Handed over our power to outside influence in person, thing, habit, or belief of disempowerment, of brokenness.

Because we get to choose. We always do. And sometimes we have chosen the darker path—the one of pain and suffering—because it’s what we’ve wired ourselves for over and over and over again. We’ve felt so often these days like we are walking through the gates of hell to get to somewhere. To perhaps get back to the light of hope, of promise that even in the death, in the pain, in the angst of being human, the light within is always shining, calling us home.

This full moon is an awakening, an energy of disruption, as it will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus, still in retrograde motion. Uranus is the disruptor, the liberator, the rebellious energy to get us on the path of the soul, even if that feels like utter chaos and we’ve attached emotional pain to that process—because we can’t keep fighting the soul’s call for freedom. We can, but it’s going to keep getting more and more painful and unbearable to exist in that energy of denial, avoidance, and self-inflicted limitation. We already know what that feels like, and it doesn’t feel good. And yet, there’s been cycles and spirals of addictions to this pain we’ve been looping in.

The energy at present is calling us out of the darkness, though, saying it’s time to come out of the closet of our own self-perpetuating pain cycles. And our egos may be fighting us tooth and nail through that process of surrender. Grasping claw-gripped onto something we deeply fear will kill us to let go of. Because there’s been a strong identification and predictability to knowing the edges of this pain. Because if we do choose to step out, we don’t quite yet know what we will be met with. So we instead find safety in the discomfort.

It’s all so human. We are all so human. Souls in human form. Humans remembering their own soul’s power. The journey of a lifetime—one we may never see the culmination point until we exit this lifetime.

We have been feeling the patterning of self that are desperately asking for our own loving embrace in order to be free. Self-rejection only fuels the shame we carry of being human. We may have held onto control mechanisms to keep our minds at ease in the false sense of safety and manageability over our own waves of emotions. Because we won’t get to be free without going through the process. We can’t side step our way around it, as much as we would like to or think there’s a quicker path to get to the other side.

This eclipse energy asks us:

“Where have I held back living my truth?”

“Where have I held onto fear of stepping into my own power and deep soul alignment?”

The answers to these questions come through feeling, Scorpio energy reminds us. In feeling all the shadows and darkness that has convinced us in story of our own powerlessness. In feeling the great pain of believing our own story of brokenness. In believing the frailty of our own strength to weather the storms of life and transformation.

We not only have the sun in Scorpio, but Mercury (the mind), Venus (relationships, self-worth, and our values), and the south node (our karma). We are seeing with our minds and feeling with our hearts the addiction to the past, to staying stuck in cycles that are no longer serving our growth but impeding the natural evolution calling us forward.

Where are the fears of change and letting go? Can we bring more compassion instead of judgment there? Our minds are diving deeply into the realms of shadow, so why on Earth would we do so with a dagger or self-rejection and flagellation to our own hearts?

Our relationships are going through alchemy as well because we are not separate from them. Our inner growth is inherently tied to our relationships. As we shift and change, so too do they shift and change. We can feel the cycles of the past wanting to suck us down, back into our own self-sabotaging tapes, back into the stagnancy and weighted quality of our past. But we can never truly go back.

This full moon energy is here to break us free, even if by first breaking us down. Even if by first making us feel broken down by life circumstances, to see without a shadow of a doubt how our own emotions are not truly being released but staying stuck in addictive cycles of attachment to pain. The universe says to release them, to shake them out of our bodies, to cry them free, to burn them away, to courageously hear the screaming voices of inner shadow and say, “No! You shall not have my mind too. You shall not convince me of story of brokenness, or powerlessness this time.” Not in resisting or fighting but in clear boundary setting with our own shadow spirals.

Yes, honor the shadow. Feel the shadow. See the shadow. But we do not need to identify with the shadow anymore. This Taurus energy is here to remind us that light of the new dawn is always here for us if we so choose to see it and claim it. To embody the light of hope, of the resurrection, of new life after death. In each moment, life and death intimately interwoven together.

With Mars (a co-ruler of Scorpio) retrograde in the sign of Gemini until January 12, 2023, we are being reminded to honor all parts of the transmutation, death/rebirth, and change process. To slow down. Be adaptable. Be fluid and resilient to change. Remain unattached to outcome. To see the possibilities of the re-route and the potential for growth rather than the perceived lack of limitation.

The north node in Taurus is the invitation to step forward onto the path of our own becoming. To invoke the needed, grounded, and sustainable change at the root level of self-initiation, asking us to emotionally shift the inner patterns of torment so we can drastically shift toward future growth and vision. To let go of anything inauthentic to our truest sense of self and value. To see clearly where we are out of alignment without the need to condemn the self for the exact journey it came on to unravel back into love and remembrance of such as that—because the growth is for our highest good, even if we are deeply afraid of it.

Yes, change can be messy and chaotic. Inner and outer change can deeply shake us awake.

Like a snow globe being shaken, we wonder where the dust of snow will settle in this new timeline.

Because we needed to tend to the roots of our own traumas, pains, addictions, cycles of suffering, and pain in order to rise higher. The contraction is just as necessary as the expansion of growth is. A wintering and summering of the soul both needed to be in balance with the light and the dark.

Let this full moon, lunar eclipse cast no more shadow on your heart. Let it illuminate the light held deeply within the cells of your own makeup so that no matter what shadow is seen and witnessed, you no longer give power so freely away to it to decide your fate, your worth, your value, and your inherent belonging and lovability. Because you belong to the universe, to your soul, to the heart of love.

Let this full moon energy be a catalyst of growth, even in chaos and confusion. Even in desperation of soul ache. Even in depression of soul fog. Let anything you may be feeling be the exact catalyst needed for soul growth and soul revolution. For soul return. Child of the universe, cosmic bearer of great mission, human being, flawed and whole, soul in human form for just a little while, tread lightly on the pain you feel, not yours, not another’s, just pain and heartache making itself known to you, to be loved, to be held in loving arms, and let go back into the flame of love’s eternal liberator.

May your heart know it is never alone. Never without human or more ethereal support. May it remember its inherent safety and value in simply being here. Alive. Awakening. Remembering. Rebirthing. Re-rooting. Deeper. Deeper. And deeper still. Let the roots of the soul, of the earth, and of your eternal being call you home.


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