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October 22, 2022

Why I am here on socials

My social media Facebook, instagram and YouTube has always been free accounts. I’ve never been sponsored or paid for a post. This is why I’m here.

I share my movement & write because I often don’t know who I am, with the outside noise & internal chaos. It isn’t until i witness me & read what I say that then I can find a sense of belonging in me & this world.

I took up movement during a very difficult time in my life. I would turn on the music & move in a way that made my body feel alive. I would pour my heart out through movement, which became my medicine until I felt a sense of relief. The writing came later & it allowed me to see my inner workings. This form of letting go, free movement & writing helped me to start coming home to me & work on my healing. Movement is the language of emotion for me. Some are writers. I am a mover first & foremost. Movement is the wind we feel on our faces, the rain that dances on the land & soil. Movement is the breath in our body, the sighs & huffs that makes us pause. Movement is love & heartaches when your heart loses all control. Movement is the butterflies in your stomach through the excitement for more. Movement is the body jiggling & wiggling as you can’t sit still. Movement is that first kiss. Movement is the grief that shatters you into a 1000 pieces. Movement is your mouth moving through long conversations that make you come alive & believe in magic again. Movement is the slavia running in your mouth because of that smell of delicious food. Movement is the intimacy with another that leaves your skin alive & mind dreaming for more. Movement is the journey, laughter, running & drinking your warm cuppa. Movement is life, it is a mechanism for surviving, connecting, vibration of words that change humanity. Our whole life is movement, your eyes move as you read this & our final act will be our last piece of movement.

I hope one day we can remember that so many of us are here to rediscover and heal and appreciate the vulnerability of that more.

Why are you here on socials?

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