December 27, 2022

Ditch your F*cking Resolutions: What are your Commitments for 2023?

It’s hard to fathom that our world will forever be in “pandemic mode.”

Even though many things are changing and evolving, most things are still the same to me.

For me, January first will never be the same ever again. I lost my father to cancer on New Year’s Day in 2022. How can I appreciate and celebrate this day going forward now that my beautiful savior is gone?

Full disclosure: I hate f*cking resolutions. They’re vapid, useless, pointless. Why in the hell would anyone want to limit themselves at the start of a brand-new year? Isn’t the whole point of “wiping the slate clean” to release all burdens from our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls?

I am absolutely sick of hearing the laundry list of stupid resolutions people come up with to begin their New Year on the right foot:

“To lose/gain weight, eat better, sleep better, spend time with family/friends more often, go to the gym, meditate, and so on.” I don’t want to hear it anymore.

You know what I really want to hear? How committed you are to your health, well-being, family, loyal friends, pets, colleagues, your down time, your peace, your sanity, your welfare.

I want to hear that when you wake up each day, you are filled with hope, pride, self-confidence. I want to know you have faith, and no matter what kind of sh*t gets thrown in your path, you have your shovel at the ready and can dig yourself out of any pile(s). I want to be reassured that if someone, anyone, tries to throw a wrench into your day, you won’t throw a fit and retaliate. You’ll try and practice being more mindful and how to respond.

I want you to commit to your inner tranquility.

Do you know how vital it is that you approach every single New Year’s Day with a sense of pride in yourself? Look how far we’ve all come as a species. I think it’s incredible that over eight billion people all went through the exact same circumstance and came out completely transformed in every area of our existence. How can we put a price on that?

If I may be so bold, get rid of your meaningless resolutions. It’s rare that people can actually keep promises to themselves—and I’m done with the sob stories.

Commit to something real. That’s the future.

Commit to making yourself so happy that when other people look at you, they become happy too. Commit to learning new skills, taking on new challenges, traveling the world, volunteering, helping the needy, donating time/money to worthy causes. Commit to beefing up your self-worth to ensure that no one can ever rob you of your soul’s purpose.

So, as we head into 2023, I hope you are filled with glee—because this year, it’s going to be different. This year, you will honor your commitments and remove all redundant resolutions from your psyche.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf and shine brighter than ever before.

Happy New Year to all my readers!


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