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December 20, 2022

How To Be An Independent Thinker.

Mind works on the principle of senses. What we see is what we think. What we hear is what we think. Even what we smell is what we think. It also works on the principle of what we have been through in life e.g. if I had a fight recently I will be angry on little things. So the effect of external environment highly determines the mindset of most people in world.
But what can reduce this effect? How can we be independent from environment and make a mindset of our own type? And why does environment influences our thoughts?
The answer to all of these questions is our ability to shape our thoughts in our own way.
How can we do that?
I believe there are three steps to do this.
The first step is AWARENESS which I believe can give us control to shape our thoughts. If we are aware of what is going on in our mind we can somehow control the situation.
E.g. if I saw my enemy, I should be aware that I will have thoughts of anger. If someone bullied me, I should be aware that I will have thoughts of fear. Awareness is the first step of control but not the last.

The second step is TRUST THE PROCESS. Because if we will try to control the thoughts, we can’t. The more we try to control, the more they flow. So trust the process and let them flow.
Why to trust the process?
Because I believe that thoughts have validity. They are more first but with time they settle down. So letting them flow is one way of controlling them in the long run.

The third step is the most crucial step of ACTION which I believe can shape our mindset.
The moment the thoughts settle down is the moment to control the mind. Actually the moment of action is moment of power and self control. Because I belive after the thoughts settle down our mind gives us the chance and power to control our thoughts.
So by using this moment of control we can shape our thoughts.
How can we do that?
To control the thoughts is to think better. The base of an independent mindset starts from this step.
During this step I believe that we should try our best to not think of what happens to us, but to think of what we want.
Practice which I call THE REVERSE LAW. Look at the enemy and don’t be angry. Listen to the gossips and don’t think about them. Take a step (positive one) which you are afraid to take and don’t be afraid. I call this the reverse law. I know practicing this law is very tough but by doing this we can shape our thoughts in our own way.

So inshort setting your mind free when it’s uncontrollable and controlling it to the highest level when it is controllable can help us to be the independent thinkers.

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