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December 11, 2022

Lessons From My Son

“So here’s whatcha want to do, mom.” I’m ice skating for the second time in my life. My son’s eyes are eager as he watches me shuffle my novice feet back and forth, trying to maintain my balance.

“I want you to hold the railing. And then you’re going to stack your knees over your ankles, and your chin over your knees.” I white knuckle grip the side of the ice rink trying to maintain my composure. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall.

I watch him. My eyes wide and his amused. He’s teaching me. My 12 year old son is teaching me. Every day he’s teaching me.

“Mom! You’ve got it!” he exclaims with joy, over my awkward shuffle step. “You’re doing it!”

The night before we had a conversation about the times I wasn’t there. When I didn’t show up. My son is teaching me. He’s teaching me how to be brave. He’s making me a better human. Every day, he’s teaching me.

“Mom, hold my hands. Mom, stack your knees. Look at me. Trust me. I’ve got you. Let me teach you.” I place my hands in his and look up at him. My little boy. He grins ear to ear with pride as I slowly glide on the ice toward him and he skates backward. “You’re doing it mom. You’re skating. I’ve got you.” Wide eyes. Proud smile.

As parents we typically think we are imparting lessons on our children. But arguably, our children are serving as even greater teachers about the things that matter most. Trust. Courage. Unconditional love. These little humans teach as the big lessons about things while we teach them how to drive and pay their bills. Everyone is learning when we check our egos and allow ourselves to be taught.

I will never forget ice skating with my son and the magical moment of his smile when I trusted him to teach me something. Such a beautiful gift. Such an important lesson in growth.

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