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December 9, 2022

Looking Back on the Energies of 2022

Another year seems to have flown by! It feels as though time is accelerating with each passing year. As we close out 2022, let’s look at what this month has in store for us, what we have experienced since the beginning of 2022 and what may be on the horizon for 2023. Although the energy is ramping just a little bit with the upcoming full moon in Gemini and the magical winter solstice, the energy of December is still feeling pretty calm. It seems as though the universe is giving us an opportunity to rest and integrate all that we have experienced last year. We will likely have a bit of a reprieve until the spring. Although there was a significant upheaval in the 3 D matrix in late February, it feels as those this year’s focus was more internal. Many of us worked hard on redefining our life’s purpose and doing some deep emotional housekeeping. I wonder if this will be the pattern as we head into this new age; two years of 3 D chaos followed by a rest and integration year.

We recently experienced the final eclipse of the year, which was then followed by the 11/11 portal. Additionally, Jupiter recently went back into Pisces and will stay there until around the winter solstice, which is giving us some spiritual protection as we close out the year. Because it is at the last two degrees of Pisces, this signifies that we are completing some important spiritual work before moving onto the next cycle. I wrote my last article right before the 11/11 portal. Although I felt that it would be a significant day, I had no clue how energetically intense it would actually be. I woke up that day with the exuberance of a little girl on Christmas day. I was not quite sure why I felt so incredibly excited and giddy, but the energy felt quite uplifting and powerful here at Mt. Shasta. As the day progressed, the energy only intensified. Although I have spent so many amazing days here in this past year, I do not think I have felt a day as intense as this. The last time I recall feeling such magical energy was the day before the Sirius Gateway on July 2nd and the days around the Pisces Portal which occurred in mid-April. This 11/11 gateway seemed to signify a definite ending of a chapter, as many of us lightworkers had recently completed a lot of internal work. This was celebration of how far we had come.

I believe many of us lightworkers have been called to create the blueprint for this new earth based on 5th dimensional reality. Although we can conceptualize what that is, I don’t think we have a clear picture of the nuts and bolts of it just yet. I recall that I started the year feeling very lost and confused as to what my role was going to be moving forward in this ascension process. I remember feeling so incredibly detached from my pre-2020 life because I knew I was transitioning into a new one but I had no clue as to what that was going to look like. I also remember at that time that I started the processes of really unplugging from the 3 D matrix. Ever since 2020, I had felt as though I had to stay one step ahead of whatever was going to transpire in the 3 D matrix. I wasn’t sure if there would be food shortages, power grid outages or a complete banking collapse. I found it difficult not to travel too far down these fear-based rabbit holes attempting to prepare. I finally realized that I was acting out of fear and needed to trust in the universe. I also realized that many of us are waiting for the collapse of the 3D matrix in order to ascend to the 5D. Because 5D is a state of consciousnesses, the answer may be to begin living fully in this dimension in the present moment as a way of creating it. Because our thoughts and intentions hold tremendous power, we have the power to create the reality that we desire. I decided to disconnect from any information that was not in alignment with 5th dimensional consciousness, focus my intentions on building this new world and living as best I could in alignment with this 5 D reality. Although I would from time to time check in with what was going on in the 3 D matrix throughout the year, I did so with detachment and without the fear that I once had.

I believe that the energetic highlight of the year occurred in April when Neptune aligned with Jupiter in Pisces. This Pisces portal was a once in a lifetime alignment, which I believe served to assist us in moving further out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Pisces, which is a very powerful sign, had definitely played a significant role throughout the year. The energies of this alignment propelled me to fully recommit to assisting the ascension process through my writing, which provided much clarity in my life’s purpose. I believe this alignment marked the beginning of the massive internal work we needed to do in order for us to fully step into our new purpose and power moving forward. Right after this portal, we had our first eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio. The Scorpio influence signified that it would be quite transformational as we released so much that was not needed on the next phase of our spiritual journey. This energy had brought up many subconscious dynamics that we needed to address and process in order for us to continue moving along our ascension path.

Although the eclipse season was challenging, I believe the most brutal energy was felt in September and October when we experienced a full moon in Pisces and then Mercury went into retrograde, which added to the six-planet retrograde storm. Additionally, Mars in Gemini then squared Neptune in Pisces. This was significant because Mars in Gemini signifies where we focus our energy and our thoughts. When it squares Neptune in Pisces, Neptune will have a stronger influence which will encourage us to examine what we need to focus on in our day-to-day life to evolve spiritually. This alignment was calling for us to further clear our ego attachments and to trust in when where we are heading on our spiritual path. For most of September and October, I felt depressed and angsty. I was questioning and judging everything and feeling so incredibly inadequate. I had lost a lot of my inspiration and the world appeared quite bleak. I was plagued with such distressing thoughts and feelings. It felt as though my shadow was screaming at me, which I now realize was the shadow work I would need to do. It began to clear around the late October eclipse with a final energetic push by 11/11.

As we move into 2023, numerological year number 7, this is the spiritual year, which evolution, analysis and wisdom. Although we may likely continue to focus our attention inward, I suspect that next year will be somewhat different. In 2022, we did a lot of shadow work and next year we will likely begin to solidify our new purpose in preparation for the major shift that will begin at the end of March. Pluto will be changing signs from Capricorn, which we have been since 2008, to Aquarius where it will stay for the next 20 years. This has the potential to be quite significant, which may likely prompt another huge contraction in the 3 D matrix. Whatever the next year brings, we are definitely more prepared. However, this upcoming shake-up will likely be a shock to those who are still not fully aware of where we are heading. We will likely have a lot of work ahead of us; helping those who will need guidance as we continuing building this new earth. Hope everyone has a peaceful and restful year end. We definitely deserve it!

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