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December 5, 2022

The Real Reason Why Your Coaching Clients Aren’t Manifesting Their Desires

Manifestation may have gained wide appeal through The Secret and the Law of Attraction, but now it seems there are as many manifestation methods out there as there are coaches. You likely have your own way of teaching your clients how to manifest. But what happens when none of your go-to manifestation techniques are working? We coaches know the particular pain and frustration that comes when our clients aren’t seeing the results they want, and sometimes, we even feel responsible for it.

When we reach this point with a coaching client, we need to start by giving ourselves a little grace, the kind of grace we always extend to our clients. Mastering manifestation can be a tricky process for clients, even with the guidance of a highly skilled coach. A client’s difficulty in manifestation is information, not a sign of failure on the part of the coach or client. It’s an opportunity to reexamine what’s working, what’s not, and why.

The truth is, manifestation methods aren’t one size fits all. What works for one coach or client may not work for another. Why? Because manifestation, at its core, is a heart-driven practice, not a head-driven one. In this way, the first step to successful manifestation lies in the client’s ability to tap into their heart and the coach’s ability to facilitate that process. When manifestation isn’t working, our primary role as a coach is to help our client get honest with themself about what they’re truly after.

When clients are heart-focused from the start in their manifestation goals, they likely see success right away and manifest with ease. But when their motives are head-focused, and they’re disconnected from their body and their heart, no basic or advanced manifestation practices are going to do the trick because the problem is coming from within the client.

As coaches, how do we recognize when a client’s desires are heart-driven versus head-driven? Well, it all starts with assessing cognitive stuckness. For instance, is your client saying affirmations on robotic repetition and mapping out their way to their desires instead of dropping into their heart in full trust and safety? The greatest journey we can guide our clients through is from their head to their heart, and the first step in that process is allowing your client to explore where they might be holding back. Whether that looks like a mental block or a physical barrier, recognizing the problem and the opportunities for change is key.

Let’s explore an example together. Imagine that one of your current clients wants to manifest four new clients for themself. Based on traditional manifestation methods, your client cognitively wants more clients and is taking steps to speak them into existence daily, yet no clients have arrived. This is your chance to explore the deeper why behind your client’s lack of success in manifesting new clients.

As the coach, we bring increased awareness to the issue with our client by asking clarifying questions that allow them to process their blocks out loud and explore where they’re coming from. By asking these clarifying questions, we guide our client from a place of cognitive stuckness to heart-centered, embodied flow, which is where the greatest shifts happen.

Questions to ask include:

  1. Why might you want this desire?
  2. Why might you not want this desire?
  3. What could happen if you manifest this desire?
  4. How safe do you feel about receiving this manifestation?
  5. What sensations do you feel in your body when you connect with this desire?

At this point, you can empower your client to decide for themself whether their heart is aligned with that which they’ve been trying to manifest. If your client is experiencing a block around safety or unworthiness, you have the opportunity to coach them through that block into the higher version of themself on the other side.

Once the client aligns their heart with what they’ve been seeking to manifest, you can encourage them to fully express and release the blocks and stuckness they’ve been holding onto. For some clients, this expression can include anger and/or frustration, while for others, it may be resentment and/or failure. Whichever emotion(s) your client has been stuck in, encourage them to express themself in whatever way they feel is best, whether that means screaming or moving their body or whatever else arises for the client in the moment.

By coaching our clients on this journey to get out of their heads and drop into their hearts, we enable them to manifest the abundance they seek and step into their full potential. As coaches, our role is to always hold the vision of what’s possible for our clients while staying NATO, i.e. not attached to the outcome.

I can’t wait to hear what becomes possible for you and your clients through this process!

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