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December 19, 2022

This 2023 own your power to change your life that you hold within

Standing here tall & taking a nice picture and posting is easy on social media. The work really happens not in these good moments but the moments of darkness nobody sees and nobody is there to pick you up but you. The moments that often close friends and family call you hypocritical for because, you are a work on progress and most people only see you in the good moments on social media, but they see your worse moments and know you arent always that person you show to the world.

However, these are the moments that really show you & how bad you want it. How deep you are willing to dig and how shame and judgement is not your hitching post. But, just simply thoughts, emotions and experiences that need work and you want to do the work and feel the light and dark. Surrender to the resistance, accept responsibility and stop the blame game or giving your power away outside of you.

Disconnect among the mind, body and soul can manifest in sickness. That is why so many on social media look like they have it altogether, eventually they fall off the pedestal for so many of us and we judge them. Because all of us are works in progress no matter how big our following or success is. All of us have a misalignment between showing who we are and where we are.

Our genes are not our destiny but they can become us if we are not consciously aware of our patterns and habits which shape who we are. Healing is a lifelong process that must be done consciously and lived daily through changes in our habits and patterns.

The challenge is that because our familiarity feels safe but isn’t always healthy, we need to teach ourselves that discomfort is only a temporary and necessary part of transformation. If you want to truly actualise change this 2023 you have to engage in the world of making micro shifts and better choices every day.

In order to achieve mental health, wellness and physical health you do not need another book, another fitness program, another must have piece of equipment or the best trainer. You simply must begin with what you have and who you are and be a daily participant in your own healings. You cannot go somewhere or buy something to be healed. You must work from fitness and health from the inside to be healed.

This means daily commitment to doing the work. We are all responsible for our own healing, choices, emotions, thoughts and activity which is directly connected to that.

There is tremendous freedom in not believing every thought we have and knowing that our best life is within and not in buying or accruing something outside of us like everyone and the world sells us. Our minds are powerful tools and if we do not become aware of this no matter what we do there will always be a wall between us and our authentic selves.

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