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December 17, 2022

Your Breath and Focus will Change Lives and YOURS most importantly!

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.

Because of a visual world so many of us will be missed for the magic we hold within.
We will be shamed, we will be judged, we will be lost because so many of us forget introspection.
The sad truth is that each one of us will miss beats of connection from either being the judge or the person judged.
For all those out there with hearts of gold that feel like they are being broken remember Kintsugi to join with gold. Is a reminder to stay optimistic when things fall apart & to celebrate flaws and missteps of life.
You are more than a post.
You are more than a body.
You are more than a number.
You are more than your fails.
You are more than peoples opinions.
You are more than your negative thoughts & emotions.
Yoga & meditation asks us to look beyond the noises outside of us & go within. This world peaches this but so many of us do not practice it. Our true power lies in this:
Learning to tune our state of focus. Let the loud noises no longer be distractions, notes of shame or beats of judgment. Simply let it become something that does not hold your focus.
Tuning the radio of focus with your breath…In breathing we have 4 phases, inhale, retain, exhale, retain. Depending on your breathing cycle these will be different for each of us & we are not going to try & alter it one iota. We now start the hunt for the state, there is one moment in the retentions that is the perfect centre of the breath. The Point where inhale shifts to exhale, if you hold the breath to try find it you will either be holding the end of the inhale or the start of the exhale, so there has to be a level of non involvement with holding the balance of the focus points & letting the still point in the breathing cycle infuse to our balance. Hard to describe but very clear when you experience it. Try one breath at time to remember your focus within & your awesomeness that often gets forgotten in a world that doesn’t breathe, it only huffs & puffs it’s all about me.
Choose to breathe you. Choose to be you. Choose in an age of mass production & numbers that are quickly forgotten, to learn acceptance, celebrate scars & flaws for a powerful experience that makes life more sustainable.
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