January 9, 2023

13+ Ways Non-Vegans are Cooler than Vegans.

10 (make that 13+) Things Non-Vegans are Cool with.

Note: the point here is to try yet another way to get through to the consciousness and caring heart of all of us animal-eating humans. Somewhere along the way, this stuff got through to me, and I’m grateful for it. I don’t think “vegans are better than non-vegans”—that’s a sideshow. This isn’t really about vegans, or non-vegans—it’s about our animal friends. It’s about saving our planet for future generations.

It’s about taking some suffering and pain out of this world, and still getting to enjoy yummy tacos.

  1. Torture (of animals, but studies show desensitization of animal suffering is a predictor of domestic violence).
  2. Murder, and lots of it. Trillions of beings every year!
  3. Rape, and lots of it. Forcing a single mom to go through dozens of pregnancies, her whole life, just to lose her baby the next day. Cows are emotional and form bonds, like us. That’s how we get milk, along with:
  4. Separation of moms and babies. Babies isolated, can’t play, freezing or cooking near-to-death, not even drinking milk. Then, after three weeks, killing the babies. Killing the moms when they no longer produce enough milk.
  5. Grinding up baby chicks alive if they happen to be male (that’s how we get eggs). Killing chickens when they no longer produce enough eggs.
  6. Slaughterhouse terror.
  7. Shipping to Slaughterhouses and almost always every-single-day living with no heating, no cool, in almost-always painfully overcrowded conditions.
  8. Cutting off extremities with no anesthesia. Bonus: cutting out teeth with no anesthesia.
  9. Boiling alive! Trapping others in lobster and fish netting that cuts and strangles.
  10. Pandemics! Wet markets, farmers markets are dangerous—any time freshly killed or sick, living animals are brought into contact with humans.
  11. Directly feeding our climate crisis! Not saving our world! Not caring about your own children or future generations in your actions!
  12. Pushing pain away and not looking at the consequences of your actions.
  13. Heart disease, a top killer of we Americans.What’d I miss?
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