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January 27, 2023

About Andrea Zanon, Accomplished Entrepreneur

Andrea Zanon is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Founder of Empower Capital and Confidente. He brings over 25 years of professional experience working as an entrepreneur and has become known as a leader within the business and sustainability industry. He is passionate about helping other business professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their long-term goals through consistent mentoring and guidance.

Andrea Zanon first attended the Università di Bologna, where he studied Literature and Philosophy. He would receive his Philosophy, Foreign Languages, and Litterature degree from the same university before entering the business world. He finished his education career at Georgetown University, receiving his Master of Science degree in Foreign Service.

Andrea Zanon continues to be proud of his background and how he has achieved success in his life. Andrea is an Italian American that came from very humble beginnings and grew up between Switzerland and Italy. By the time he turned 12 years old, Andrea tragically lost both of his parents, something that he believes helped shape who he is today. Even though he had struggles with school, he committed himself to improve in the classroom, leading him to follow his dreams of studying literature, philosophy, and the power of language.

After completing his initial studies, Andrea Zanon would go on to begin working with President Clinton and Secretary Albright in 2007, which helped cement his skill set within the business world. He went on to become the head of risk management at the World Bank in the Middle East in 2009, which provided him with experience working within the risk management industry as a leader. Using the lessons learned from the World Bank, Andrea began the first women’s investment-focused foundation in 2015 called We Empower Cities. This is one of the accomplishments Andrea is most proud of, as he feels that women hold incredible insights into how to work as successful professionals. This would also lead him to focus more on business and professional development, and he entered the mentorship realm shortly after.

In 2022, Andrea Zanon made the decision to Found Confidente, a program that acts as a personal trusted advisor to help improve decision-making each day. This is accomplished through providing performance feedback, risk management and marketability advice, and tips on how entrepreneurs and executives can maximize their efforts for the tremendous impact. His focus is to help other entrepreneurs and business professionals learn to use adversities to drive them toward long-term success.

To learn more about Andrea Zanon, make sure to visit his website and LinkedIn!

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