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January 7, 2023

Life Has No Mercy When You Stop Stepping Up

Unless you step up your efforts and challenge yourself every day, continue learning, help others, and build up your mental and physical strength, life will have no mercy on you. Train every day, become a leading voice around your passion, and say no to most propositions. Making these habits a routine will lead you to extreme focus and extreme impacts. These habits will prevent you from letting others’ weaknesses drag you down.

What does stepping-up mean?

Stepping up means, first building a plan and getting the strength and the motivation to be able to stick to it for the long term. This is at least five years long. Success comes from repetition, failing forward, and constant adjustments. Not just from lucky events or following the latest shiny trends. Stepping up means never letting a crisis go to waste, stepping up means making sure you leverage your strengths, and know-how 100%. Ultimately, stepping up means realizing what drives you, and where you can put all your focus so that you can build the life and business that helps you make a dent in the universe.

Show up, period!

You have to be patient, and work on your plan, day in and day out. You cannot expect to reach success in 2-3 years, as this is unlikely going to happen and to last. Most successful businesses, call it Airbnb, Amazon, or Patagonia, took over ten 10 before they took off. Talk less and produce more, ignore the noise, and focus on the learning. Read books don’t read the media, this is how you build your knowledge and mental fitness. Showing up means dealing with life every day, prioritizing the difficult actions, while ignoring artificial deadlines and meaningless information coming from social media. Showing up means sticking to your plan, no matter how much money you have and how lonely you feel. Rest assured; you will be lonely in the trip to success. When you show up every day, you build space for yourself and you distance yourself from the irrelevant others, creating mental freedom and a “scary level of focus”.

Success and Happiness are choices

When you stop-stepping up, you are not focused, you experience decision fatigue, you have too much noise in your life, and ultimately you cannot quantify your daily outputs and impacts. Instead, learn to prioritize smart decisions, those that will get you closer to your mental and physical well-being, as these will allow you to reach a powerful level of mental freedom and physical focus.

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