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January 10, 2023

Lost In Their Minds.

Once upon a time I went to the market. I saw many people, some buying fruits, some eating, some cleaning the floor, some calling their loved ones, some were laughing and some about to cry. I saw one thing which was common. I.e. all of them were lost.
Only some were actually thinking about what they were doing. Most of them were lost in their minds. Some thinking about how to widen their business. Some how to get a job. Some dreaming of a trip. Some how to get promoted.
All of them had thoughts and least of them had right thoughts.
I found that the solution for all of those minds was to have right thoughts.
But what are right thoughts?
Rights thoughts are not the genius ideas or the thoughts of high quality. Right thoughts are the thoughts about what we are doing right now. Because if we have thoughts about anything other than what we are doing, that adds up into stress and most of us then loose the control of our minds and get mad. We cannot solve problems while working. So to think what we are doing right now, I believe are the thoughts of highest quality and thinking about what we are doing gives quality. Example if I’m making a bread and I’m having thoughts about how to make the best bread, I will make the best one. If I will think about anything else, I will make the bread which I was making from years, means I will never improve. So thoughts about present gives quality as well as improvement.
Now you may ask this question to yourself, why don’t all of us think rightly?
I belive most of the minds don’t love to think about what we actually are doing. Because that creates a type of mental pressure, which only some do handle. Mind never loves to suffer, it always tries to escape from that pressure. To escape that pressure sometimes it starts to imagine of the better circumstances or have the thoughts about what happened recently.
But those who handle this mental pressure never stop improving and they have better control on their lives. Because this pressure means actually our mind is learning new things or improving what we already know.
So having right thoughts or presence of mind actually can make us the better thinkers or we can say right thinkers and help us to not get lost.
Now the question arises isn’t it important sometimes to get lost?

I believe getting lost in our minds in a proper way is not a bad thing, because sometimes we have to think deeply about the solution of any problem or may be to research about something or write a deep article, but for that we must have separate time.
We can make a schedule for that.

What is the proper way of getting lost in our minds?

Proper way of getting lost is thinking deeply about a specific topic not to indulge in many.
E.g. we have many problems in our lives, if we will start thinking deeply about all of them, we will not have solutions instead we will have more problems. Because our mind loves to link things and it will link all of them and create a web of problems. So the proper way of getting lost is thinking about a particular topic, that may be a problem, research about something or anything else. Thinking about the same thing will also make us more productive.
E.g. if I had financial crisis, I will think about how to get a job and I will think about every possible solution.
This will increase the productivity and increase the chances of getting a better solution.

So getting lost at a proper time, in a proper way is good, but never at anytime.

Summary :
. Right thoughts are not the genius ideas or the thoughts of high quality, right thoughts are thoughts about what we are doing right now.
. Right thoughts give quality as well as improvement.
. Having right thoughts can make us better thinkers or right thinkers.
. Getting lost in our minds in a proper way, at a proper time is not a bad thing.
. Proper way of getting lost is thinking about a specific topic not many.

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