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February 6, 2023

Loving The Beast’s Daughter.

Chapter 1

With a racing heart, trembling body and the eyes full of terror, I finally managed to meet him.

A tall, strong man, with a bald, crowned head. He wore a white dress all over his wide body and his face had a scar, which was a sign of his voilent side.

As I entered his place, all the guards were loaded with fear, the silence there was full of cries.

I aprroached bit my bit, I felt the distance was so short. With every step I skipped a beat, full of sweat I reached him.

His first glance was like a bullet fired from his big red eyes, his shadow on which I was standing, started to expand as he stood up from his big and strong wooden chair.

With red face and the drops of sweat all over, my racing heart trying to control my nerves. I finally tried to greet him with a low, muffling voice. After he heard my low voice a bit of kindness I felt in him when he said : what is your matter.

Trying to gather words in my mind, swallowing the waves of fear, I replied:

I like your daughter and I want to marry her.

As these fragile words struck their ears, all of them went in shock. His female servant dropped the plates, sound of which caught my attention.

I moved around and saw the guards pointing their guns towards me, with angry faces and heavy breaths, they put their fingers on their triggers.

I felt I was dead, my vision just blurred, and my breaths turned heavy like they were my last ones.

Like a weak, poor man, I shifted my glance back to him to see his reaction. His face was angry, eyes little bigger, his body language was like a fighter, aggressively he replied who are you?

Out of nowhere I gathered some courage, controlled my limitless thoughts, opened my shivering lips and said.

I’m one of your employee at your software company.

He lowered his crowned head, held my chin with his hand, looked into my fearful eyes and said.

Get lost or you will loose your life and pushed me.

Broken, in tears, I left running out of his place, like I lost the whole universe.

Heartbroken with running tears, I reached my room, kicked the door, sat down, hugged my pillow and started thinking about her.

Her image with a smile on her dimpled cheeks, sparkle in her blue eyes, red lips and the fluttering golden hair started to hit my lost mind.

I cried and cried, with paining heart on the wet pillow by my tears, I fell asleep.

A sense of relief but what about dream. Filled with colours in between a stream. Stones around made of like diamond, I saw a valley like the heaven with a princess coming and dancing.

In first glance i couldn’t see anything except her, in blue elegant dress with golden hairs, and a golden necklace around her neck. But she hid her face.

All around her I wandered to see a bit of her face, she tried her best to hide it, but mad me revolved around her more than the tyre of car revolves and finally she fell down in my lap.

Seeing her face my eyes opened, I came back to real world as it was her worthy face.

I woke up, went to office and saw like my dream came true, when I saw her in same dress with fluttering hairs and crazy smile approaching towards our office.

Excited me with mad smile I asked one of my colleague about her. My heart filled with loads of love, my eyes started to shine as he said : she is going to join our office.

With a lot of joy inside, but trying to wear a normal facade I greeted and welcomed her.

She smiled like a treat to my eyes and went to her working space.

And the best part was that her working space was opposite to mine.

When her soft fingers touched the keys of keyboard, I heard all of the sounds and felt like it was the music.

She started working and I looking at her, after a fraction of second when she took her glance from her computer and looked at me, I madly started to work like I never looked at her.

She started typing back with a smile as she knew I was staring at her.

Minutes and then hours passed, but it felt like time was fast when everyone stood up for the tea break.

We went to the canteen, I ordered a cup of coffee, sat at a two seated bench and opened my phone to look at my email inbox.

With a shock of joy, my face turned red and my eyes couldn’t believe when I saw her sitting in front of me.

She smiled a little and I had a fake one too.

Confused me looking around trying to figure out how to start a conversation.

I was about to say something when she asked about me and my family.

I said everything so fast because I felt excited that she wanted to know about me.

After a second I asked her the same question.

To be continued…

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