February 15, 2023

How the Position of Mars in our Birth Charts Determines our Sexual Needs.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


I’ve been wanting to write this for a while.

When I read the NYT’s guest essay “Have More Sex, Please!” By Magdalene J. Taylor, I realized it was a matter of urgency.

In her article, Magdalene brings up studies that show “Americans are having less sex than they have had at any point in at least the past three decades.” She connected this with the rapid increase in loneliness, which is also supported by surveys. 

Like Magdalena, I believe that having sex is essential to our emotional, mental, and physical health.

I thought that if people understood their sexual needs better, it would encourage them to have more sex.

According to astrology, our sexual needs are determined by the position of Mars in our birth charts.

To understand your sexual needs, you need to know the meaning of Mars in the sign and in the house. For example, if your Mars is in Cancer in the second house, you need to read both interpretations.

If you are not sure where Mars is in your chart, you can create a free chart on astro.com based on your birth info. Look for the Mars symbol and check at what sign and house it is, or contact me or any other astrologer. 

You can also go over all the descriptions and see which speaks to you most. You might recognize some of your partners and ex partners there.  

Mars in Aries/1st House

You need strong, physical sex. You need to move from the kitchen counter to the living room carpet. You need someone energetic that can keep up with you. There should always be something new and fresh about your sexual life, so if you are with the same partner, you must change locations, positions, and times when you make love. The more spontaneous it is, the better. You love to initiate and lead, but you are probably very sexual and won’t say no when the other initiates too.

Mars in Taurus/2nd House

You are sensual and love to take things slowly. You might be a little shy in bed. It takes you time to gain confidence with someone, so you are more likely to enjoy sex with one committed, long-term partner. You enjoy the anticipation of slowly getting undressed. You love gentle touches and caresses, the smells, the sights, the tastes of sex, and the other person. You love having sex in your comfortable bed at home where you feel safe. Add a touch of romantic lighting and a scented candle and you’ll be in heaven.

Mars in Gemini/3rd House

Communication in sex is a key for your enjoyment. You don’t like to read minds. You need to know what the other person likes you to do. You also like to verbally share your likes and dislikes. You need flirtatious, long foreplay. The more it feels like a game, the more exciting and mischievous it is, the more likely you’ll get out of your head and into the act. You might look for books and articles on the topic and learn new ways to enrich your sexual life. You might even write about it. Sex is just so fascinating.

Mars in Cancer/4th House

Your sex must be based on emotional connection. Casual sex is just not your thing. You need to look at the other person’s eyes. You need to feel safe and protected. Allowing someone to get close to you is like putting your heart in someone’s hands. The sheets should be soft, the room should be cozy and beautiful, and the bed should be comfortable. You don’t like talking during, before, or after sex. A romantic soundtrack could be nice. For you, the most important thing is that you feel loved. Then you can open yourself up and enjoy.

Mars in Leo/5th House

Your sex should be fun, playful, hot, and sexy, but in a fun and romantic way. Passion is the name of the game. There should be sparks with every move you and your partner make. Your sex must be creative. Maybe wearing different sexy outfits for the occasion, maybe one of you putting on red lipstick. When you are done, you need your partner to tell you that you were the best sex they ever had. Make your love making a scene for a romantic drama and your pleasure is guaranteed.

Mars in Virgo/6th House

You need a combination of sensuality and communication. Your connection with the other has to feel healthy, pure, and purifying. Nothing turns you on more than seeing the other person enjoying themselves. You are attracted to people who are fit and healthy. The setting should be clean and organized. It’s hard to take you out of your head, so things must be just right for you. Having sex before or after a tea ceremony is perfect. Sex has to be a part of your routine, maybe even marked in your calendar, and should be practiced often.

Mars in Libra/7th House

You are so romantic. Your sex should be sweet, fun, and pleasant. It might involve sexy lingerie, chocolate, and roses, or maybe a trip to Paris? Sex is a dance of two for you. Masturbation is not your thing. You enjoy being in tandem with another person, finding the mutual rhythm, becoming one with them. You love communicating yourself and hearing the other person whispering words of love in your ear. You love the idea of marriage. As long as you and your partner know to keep the romance alive, you’ll enjoy having sex within your marriage for the rest of your lives.

Mars in Scorpio/8th House

You are a sexual being and need to be sexually active more than most people do. Your sex is the definition of intimacy. It is deep and penetrating, not just physically. You love to look deep into your partner’s eyes and connect with their soul. You might love your sex to be dark and dirty, or healing, or both. Your ideal setting is the Addams family residence, or any hidden spot at Nevermore Academy. During sex, you don’t like to talk but you love to scream with pleasure. No matter what, your sex is a transformative experience. It’s so good…beware of getting addicted!

Mars in Sagittarius/9th House

You love to indulge yourself in sex as an act of freedom. People from various cultures and background turn you on. You are very quick to get into bed with people; there is no time to waste. Life is here to be explored. You feel comfortable and free to express your sexuality; you have no inhibitions. You like to feel free and wild and to explore your sexuality in various levels of consciousness. A good setting would be a remote guest house on top of a mountain you just climbed without even planning to stay. You love writing about sex and creating various philosophies around it.

Mars in Capricorn/10th House

You take sex seriously. You understand that having sex is important for your health and success. With Mars in Capricorn, it sure is! Pleasure is good and all, but you might tend to get too busy for it. This is why you must be disciplined and make time for it. Put it in your calendar. If you are in a relationship, you also enjoy having sex out of your sense of commitment. People can laugh at you all they want; you do everything best, and sex is included! The ideal location would be something luxurious. Your partner should be someone you’d be proud to have sex with. Also, you like to get recognition and be complimented on how good you were.

Mars in Aquarius/11th House

Your sex should be weird and unique. Think outside of the box. Sex in alien costumes? Multiple partners? Kinky sex? Sex games? Everything goes with this position of Mars. You need a lot of freedom to express your strange desires. It’s important for you to feel accepted and loved for who you are and what you love in sex. The best sex you’ll have is with someone you also have a deep, true friendship with. Someone who really gets you and your need for sexual freedom. Strict monogamy is not necessarily for you.

Mars in Pisces/12th House

Your sex is an act of soul connection, whether it’s with a life partner or a casual one. Sex transports you to the metaphysical realm where you really like to be. Your sexuality is ever-changing and ever evolving, but it is always a spiritual act. Tantra sex was made for you. When you make love, you are in your right brain. Left-brain activities such as talking are a distraction for you. Put on a yoga or ayahuasca playlist and get lost in space, but make sure you truly connect with the other person as well. Beware of sexual addictions.

Now, I hope you go and have some good sex!

Write me which of these sexual styles you connected with the most.


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